How much does the culture of a company cost ?: IBM's new millionaire purchase

In a business that amounted to 34 billion dollars, the IBM company acquired the developer of free software Red Hat

Why does Apple not want us to know how many iPhones they sell?

The financial director of Apple Inc. revealed that we no longer are going to know how many units they sell. This may reflect a change of direction for the company

What is the difference between a token and a cryptocurrency? Find out here

As cryptocurrencies become more and more important, it is useful to know how they work, and even more if we want to participate in this market

Khashoggi's murder hurts Saudi Arabia's economy

The investment summit, on which the development of Saudi Arabia depends, was overshadowed by the murder of the journalist, large investors decided not to take part

The banking digitalization affects female entrepreneurs

New banking models based on a transactional model have negatively affected female entrepreneurs

Out of boxes! Colgate-Palmolive suspends operations in Venezuela

The crisis has forced that the second of five factories that the company has in Venezuela close. This is the most recent case in a series that does not seem to have an end

Amazing! This is how Malta became the Blockchain Island

Malta's government has passed a series of regulations to incorporate this new technology, as well as the cryptocurrencies, in its day to day

The world's stock exchanges fell: Do you know how much and why?

It is already the sixth day on the line in which the stock market of the United States reports losses, there is concern among investors

Ripple: The new popular cryptocurrency

This is not simply a cryptocurrency, but a company that goes further to facilitate cross-border transactions to different institutions

Why Nubank and Rappi are unicorns in the Latin American market?

Nubank and Rappi are "unicorns" in the startup market and present themselves as a great alternative for investors in Latin America

Not all Fintech companies use your money responsibly

Latin America is the center of investment and growth of Fintech companies, that is, companies that provide a new way of doing business through social networks

Uber: Latin America has the highest number of trips

Latin America surpasses the United States in the number of trips with the transport platform. What are Uber's challenges for its growth in the region?

Facebook: An "appealing risk-reward" opportunity?

After Facebook's stock dropped, many investors lost confidence in the shares of the social networking giant, while others see this as a risk opportunity

What is the status of Ivanka Trump's fund for Latin American female entrepreneurs?

Through the initiative, the president's daughter seeks to highlight the importance of promoting the economic empowerment of women in the Americas

What is a short sale? Betting against Nintendo

An investment fund used this mechanism to enrich itself with a supposed failure of Nintendo in the Tokyo stock exchange. How does it work and why did they do it?

The Federal Reserve Bank Stress Test: What is it?

These tests arose in the wake of the global financial crisis that occurred in 2008

More and more banks are adopting Blockchain: What does that mean to you?

Bitcoin introduced the Blockchain in 2009 and has changed the way in which the financial system is conceived, but the changes have not yet been seen

After two years, the Deutsche Bank presents the first positive results in the stock market

  The German bank presents positive results in the advance of its second quarter and surprises investors helping to dispel the doubts about it being a new crisis  

Beyond Bitcoin: These are the 6 strangest cryptocurrencies

Although the best known are Bitcoin and Ethereum, worldwide there is a large number of different and curious cryptocurrencies

Are women better investors than men?

Several studies have shown that overconfidence and vulnerability to panic make men tend to be worse investors than women