What is the Entrepreneurship World Cup and how does it work?

This international competition arrives in Colombia for the first time and faces entrepreneurship projects from around the world

'Fintech' founded by women are better investment

A study by the KPMG audit firm concluded that women give considerably greater dividends to their investors

WeWork: the giant of coworking and its controversial exit to the stock market

Confidentially, this company applied for its initial offer of shares; investors fear their risky business model

E-sports: a booming business that will generate more than $ 1 billion in 2019

Investment in E-Sports from the private sector continues to skyrocket and is already decreasing that of some established sports

Bitcoin: did it really rise or is it just another illusion?

The most valuable cryptocurrency in the current market suffered a sudden rise in its price. However, analysts are not so optimistic

Lyft's failure in the stock market is not a good sign for Uber

After Lyft's apparent failure, it is important to ask for the reasons behind it and what it means for its competition, Uber, which will soon start selling shares

SoftBank in Latin America and the new fund for regional startups

The SoftBank capital investment fund in Latin America marks a new strategy for the business group in the region and will boost startups in the region

Ecopetrol will advance with fracking despite not convincing Wall Street

Investors in New York are still not convinced to support the Colombian state oil company, which went ahead with its ambitious mining plans

The bad decisions that had condemned Pemex

The company Petróleos Mexicanos has gone through difficult days, at this moment it is on the ropes and has lost the confidence of some analysts

More investment in Cuba: Russia increases its economic presence

The multi-million dollar credit that was given to Cuba to expand and improve its military industry is just one of Russia's investments in Latin America

Banks in Central America: Colombia’s property

A growing wave of Colombian banks has reached Central America for almost a decade and now constitutes the highest foreign investment in the region


Paraguay: What did the World Economic Forum leave?

As a result of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Paraguay managed to ensure the continued investment of  two multinationals

World Economic Forum 2019: Bolsonaro in the spotlight

Every year the most important leaders, economists, and businesspeople of the world meet in the Swiss Alps, this year, Brazil will be the protagonist

These are the most attractive Latin American countries for accelerators

For entrepreneurship, one of the greatest successes is to receive the support of a prestigious accelerator Who has taken it in Latin America?

Is it the end of China’s lucrative football era?

Big soccer player’s names came to China seduced by astronomical salaries. However, game rules will change for 2019

The strange reason why vulture funds have not reached Venezuela

Submerged in unpaid debt and in the middle of a terrible crisis, Venezuela would be a perfect candidate for the vulture funds

Venezuela: Will the Petro survive in 2019?

Looking for some stability, Venezuela created a "cryptocurrency" that doesn't fully fit yet and that seems to be a new form of debt

The worst December for the US stock market

The main financial indices fell dramatically again, helping to complete a fatal month for the stock market and its investors

This is the investment landscape of Latin America for 2019

Forecasts predict that financial markets point positive for 2019 for the economy of the region

2018 was difficult, but Bitcoin refuses to die

Bitcoin will end the year costing a fraction of what it cost a year ago, but many people still rely on their ability to retain value