Does it surprise you? Women's startups receive less investment, but are more successful

Startups founded by women receive less than 50% of the investment received by those founded by men, but achieve 10% higher profits

These are the most valuable brands in Latin America

Mexico and Brazil are the countries with the most valued brands in the region, taking IGNORE INTO account the percentage of growth and how many millions of dollars are worth

The entertainment chain Cinépolis has announced its entry into the Saudi market

The Saudi kingdom announced large investments in entertainment and a greater openness that favors international companies in the sector

It is not fiction: Colombians can invest with the help of financial robots

Everyday people are investing without making lines or calls. Unlike other clients, a robot advises these new investors

Five Latin American "white elephants"

In Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela some works were built that were not completed with the expected success

Latin America: record number of oil auctions

1,100 oil and gas blocks will be offered in auctions to foreign capital

The most attractive Colombian cities for investors

Cartagena is a leader in strategies to attract foreign direct investment and seven other Colombian cities appear at the top of the rankings

Mexico: The Institutional Stock Market is born

The Mexican Stock Exchange will have competitor for the first time in history

Colombia: the country in Latin America where the buying and selling of bitcoins grows most

Even though bitcoin is not a legally established currency in Colombia, it is being highly used.

UEX: blockchain and cryptocurrency for all humankind

A new company, in partnership with international orgnizations, wants to create a global digital currency, utilized by all sovereign nations and their citizens

Which are the strongest financial centers in Latin America?

5 Caribbean islands and 5 Latin American cities appear among the world's leading financial centers

The market and the cryptocurrency mining in Venezuela: An unsustainable burden?

Cryptocurrencies have become a way out of the crisis for Venezuelans; however, it could bring other problems

3 Major problems with e-wallets in Latin America

Digital wallets have become increasingly popular in many places, but Latin American providers have not yet figured out the right combination for their products 

Bitcoin: Is the worst part over?

After a bumpy start this year, the criptocurrency seems to be recovering

Wall Street: Is there a Financial Bubble?

The great volatility in the financial markets poses great risks for investors

Dow Jones dramatic plunge

There was a historic drop from 25,337.87 to 23,923.88 points at the beginning of this week

Invest well for the year 2018

Invest well for the year 2018

December is a month of planning in order to avoid an economic hangover

Power production industry in South America

Power production industry in South America

The regional power production market proyected a healthy growth for years to come

62 facts about bitcoin

62 facts about bitcoin (infographic)

62 things you should know about Bitcoin in this 10th anniversary

Venezuela and the Latin American debt crisis

Venezuela and the Latin American debt crisis

What happens after a country defaults on its debt?