Malboro: Cigarettes and cannabis?

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SoftBank: the new player in the technology world

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Drive electric scooters and say goodbye to traffic

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Bill Gates: From Microsoft founder to toilet entrepreneur

The creator of Microsoft has decided to invest in a toilet that does not require water or sewer connections, which could revolutionize the market


Bitcoin: What can you buy with cryptocurrencies?

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How much does the culture of a company cost ?: IBM's new millionaire purchase

In a business that amounted to 34 billion dollars, the IBM company acquired the developer of free software Red Hat

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Khashoggi's murder hurts Saudi Arabia's economy

The investment summit, on which the development of Saudi Arabia depends, was overshadowed by the murder of the journalist, large investors decided not to take part

The banking digitalization affects female entrepreneurs

New banking models based on a transactional model have negatively affected female entrepreneurs

Out of boxes! Colgate-Palmolive suspends operations in Venezuela

The crisis has forced that the second of five factories that the company has in Venezuela close. This is the most recent case in a series that does not seem to have an end

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