Importance of Security for the Positioning of Bitcoin

Bitcoin and digital security are undoubtedly the issues currently in the foreground, today more than ever, affecting us all 

Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Doreen Bogdan-Martin Promotes Life Skills in Women and Girls

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) now has a woman as Secretary General, for the first time in 157 years.

Woman using a smartphone

Korean Digital Identity in the Hands of the Blockchain

The new digital identity instrument will be developed in blockchain technology, which will enjoy total decentralization; no government authority or any other type will be aware of the moment it is used

Payment with card

Ecological Card for Payments with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have arrived to give a new digital commerce model; its implementation is already very significant worldwide, and most businesses have adopted this payment system


Blockchain, a Digital Financial Revolution

Digital transactions are increasingly positioned; they have diversified, even allowing wealth to be obtained by people who have never invested in assets or the stock market in their lives. Cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain are considered the most relevant invention of the 21st century

Yuan to bitcoin

Users Must Understand the Benefits of Digital Yuan!

China has wonderfully set up the Fortune line in the digital Market by leading with a currency with the primary goal and successful credibility

piggy bank

What Is The Push Theory? A Nobel Prize That Helps You Save Money

One of the individual purposes, when the year begins, is savings and investment. With a theory carried out by an economics professor in the United States, he could convert the ability to save into a habit and thus develop various projects proposed in the short, medium, or long term.


Will 2023 Be The Year Of Recovery Or The End Of Cryptocurrencies?

If something marked 2022, it was the crisis and the fall in the value of Bitcoin. Will 2023 be the year of cryptocurrency recovery or its final fall?

dubai marina

What types of property does Dubai Marina have?

It is not a small business to buy properties in Dubai Marina. You would not only be investing in the heart of the famous city, but you will also be procuring interest in an impressive neighborhood and an economic location that never goes wary regardless of the weather, the season, or the time of the year

Gold bullion

Goldco IRA Reviews – Is Goldco Legit?

Goldco precious metal company is a full-service precious metal IRA provider specializing in gold, silver, and platinum

business woman

The Profile of an Entrepreneurial Woman

We all know a woman whom we admire for her inexhaustible energy, for carrying out her entrepreneurship, and for being resilient, since despite her difficulties

Nayib Bukele

Did Nayib Bukele put the Salvadoran economy in check before the fall of Bitcoin?

El Salvador is facing the biggest economic crisis in recent years due to the fall of cryptocurrencies that have been reducing the value of Bitcoin by millions. What decision has President Nayib Bukele made?


Bitcoin Transactions: An Explanation Of Peer-to-peer Technology

Two fundamental principles of the Bitcoin and blockchain communities are decentralization and peer-to-peer transfers

Martha Lucia Maldonado

Martha Lucia Maldonado Is in Charge of Wobi 2022 in Colombia

The World Business Forum Bogotá in its 2022 version, has Martha Lucía as country manager, with the responsibility of carrying out this event

Woman holding car keys

Five Things You Need to Know Before Refinancing Your Auto Loan

If you’re looking to save some money on your monthly car payment, you may be looking into refinancing your auto loan

financial data

The Most Accurate Binary Options Strategy for 2022

Traders use many different strategies when it comes to binary options, but not all of them are created equal. Some strategies are more accurate than others, and the most accurate strategy for binary options is the one that will allow you to make money in the long run

Twitter and Women, What Will It Offer?

Surely some of us wonder what the Twitter social network's attraction is for Elon Musk to have decided to buy it since its niche is much smaller than Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram.

Cristina Junqueira, Daniela Izquierdo, Domenica Obando and Salua Garcia Fakih

Winning Women in the World of Startups in Latin America

Being an entrepreneur in Latin America is a challenge that implies passion, perseverance, vision, and many skills to find the market

Iris Fontbona, Lucia Maggi, Eva Gonda Rivera

Richest Women in Latin America

The Woman Post has been highlighting those women at all latitudes who have accumulated great fortunes in different economic and productive sectors.

Woman thinking in office

Organizing Your Time Will No Longer Be a Headache!

The Woman Post reveals the 8 secrets of successful women who extraordinarily manage their time. Come and know how to do it and propose to transform your life into success.