Oil spill disaster in Peru

Repsol's Bad Time in Latin America

Environmental problems and a fight against the Mexican president. Repsol is facing a difficult scenario in Latin America.

Man holding a paper with a pen

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

New players, business models, and demanding customers are forcing insurers to change and digitize to stay ahead of the competition, improve service quality, and improve operational efficiency.

Hands holding cannabis

Cannabis Advertising Trends for 2022

The legal cannabis industry is soaring. It is projected to generate at least $25 billion annually by 2023! The markets for medical and recreational use are flourishing, and digital promotion is a strong driver of their success. Discover six trends to watch in 2022.

Athlete on Winter Olympic Games

The 2022 Winter Olympics Are Wrecking China's Economy

Despite being in an economic crisis, China has invested huge amounts of money for the Winter Olympics.

Woman with pink pig figure and a coin

How to Take Care of Savings in Hyperinflation?

Several countries in Latin America are entering cycles where the national currency depreciates. These are the best tips to take care of savings in hyperinflation.

Teacher in the classroom with kids

Stages of Development of Higher Education in Latin America

The growth of higher education in Latin America has consistently focused on an education system with an international presence. Stakeholders look forward to an education system that meets international education needs in both current and future generations 

Man holding a bitcoin

Variables Influencing Cryptocurrency Use

The growth of the crypto market in 2021 has fueled interest in digital assets from various companies worldwide

Cannabis leaves

Cannabis Industry in Latin America: From Illegality To Opportunity

The cannabis industry in Latin America has become a business opportunity for countries that for years have been stigmatized for the production of this plant

Man using his cell phone

Earning Money From Your Cell Phone Is Possible

In this article we will explain some of the most efficient ways to earn money from your cell phone

Bill gates

Why Has Bill Gates Fallen So Much In The Ranking Of Millionaires?

The owner of Microsoft is after the shadow of Bezos and Musk and has not appeared in the Top 3 for a long time. Why has Bill Gates fallen so much in the ranking of millionaires?

Person drawing in screen

Learn About Top Startup Development Companies In 2021

We consulted with startup geniuses to provide the best startup development companies in 2021. 

View of the exterior of a house in the United States

Interview: Tips For Investing In Real Estate In The United States

Gina Carranza, real Estate agent in the United States, gives us advice for Latinos who want to invest in this country

Woman holding a bitcoin

Increasing Women's Participation in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world in recent years. Why can this be a great opportunity for women to invest in them?

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates

Nature's Fynd: Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos' Next Investment

Jeff Bezos And Bill Gates Invested Millions In Nature's Fynd, A Company That Creates Food Based On Microorganisms

Person pointing at figures on a computer

Which countries in Latin America have the best investment ratings?

Risk Rating Agencies Have Modified Their Perspectives in Latin America, Creating Challenges For Post-COVID-19 Growth

Woman in a business room

Latin America: cities for entrepreneurs

Meet the entrepreneurial cities that are poised for expansion, thanks to their growing technological and logistical ecosystems, as well as growing economic prosperity

Laptop with trading data

What You Need to Know About Forex Trading in 2021

The global pandemic has brought Forex into the spotlight once again. Millions of people are making money online by buying and selling world currencies


These are the Cryptocurrencies You Should Invest in

If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, you may be interested in knowing some alternatives to Bitcoin or Ethereum. These are the brighter future

Person who trades with the cryptocurrency bitcoin

The Latin American countries that bet the most on cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a technological and economic revolution that brought the concept of blockchain to the world

Creative group during a meeting

Latino Startups That Are Crushing It During the Pandemic

Despite the Several Crises That COVID-19 Has Caused These Latino Startups Have Found a Way To Endure