Trump continues with threats against migrants' Caravan

Economic sanctions and military responses are the threats sent by Donald Trump

Colombia: Do we need longer government periods?

The president of the Colombian Senate, Ernesto Macías, suggested through his Twitter account to extend the presidential term of Iván Duque to five years

Elections in Brazil: the era of Jair Bolsonaro begins

On October 28, the popular vote elected Jair Bolsonaro as the new president of Brazil

Marlén Chow: The woman who challenged Daniel Ortega's regime

Marlén Chow created the phenomenon "Pico Rojo" (red lips) by painting his lips. His action is a symbol of resistance against the regime of Daniel Ortega

Uruguay: The law that benefits Trans has already been approved

Uruguay makes an important legislative advance for the trans population. What has happened in other Latin countries?

Hypocrisy? Maduro shows solidarity to Honduran migrants

The comments of the president of Venezuela on the caravan of Honduran migrants ignored the immigration problem of his country

"We must recognize that the crisis in Venezuela was predictable and avoidable": Angelina Jolie

Testimonies of need and gratitude left the visit of Angelina Jolie to the Venezuelan refugees in Peru

Child abandonment: another scourge of the Venezuelan crisis

In cardboard boxes and accompanied by a note, some Venezuelan minors have been abandoned on public roads

Peru: Keiko Fujimori would go back to prison

After being released, a Peruvian prosecutor investigating Keiko Fujimori seeks to send her to jail

Colombia: Constitutional Court said "no" to limit abortion

The three existing grounds for exercising the right of women to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancy were ratified

The alarming figures of bullying in Latin America and the Caribbean

According to a UNESCO report, one in three students has suffered violence and bullying in the world

Colombia: Natural resources are property of the State

According to the Constitutional Court citizens can not prohibit or approve mining processes in their territory

Honduras: The migrant caravan that challenges Trump

Despite Trump's threats, the caravan of Hondurans continues its journey to the US

Why was Venezuela’s ambassador expelled from Ecuador?

Migratory aid to Venezuelans will continue, but the diplomatic distance between Ecuador and Venezuela worsens

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