Patricia Bullrich

Elections in Argentina: Patricia Bullrich Toughens Her Speech

After her poor performance in last weekend's debate, the center-right candidate, Patricia Bullrich, has toughened her speech. In an interview, she proposed recording prisoners and repealing labor rights by decree.

Photograph of a multi-family building where a mural of the Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele, can be seen

It's Official: The Electoral Campaign For The Presidency of El Salvador Has Already Begun

Yesterday, Tuesday, the electoral campaign for candidates for the Presidency of El Salvador officially began. Among them is the current president Nayib Bukele, who will aspire to be re-elected despite the fact that for some it is unconstitutional

United Nations Conference

UN Multinational Force In Haiti: What Is It And How Does It Work?

The UN Security Council approved yesterday Monday to deploy the multinational force in Haiti for one year to confront the crisis

Gustavo Petro

Petro's Emergency Decree in La Guajira Falls : What Was He Looking For And Why Did It Not Happen?

This Monday the Colombian Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional the economic emergency decree in La Guajira that Gustavo Petro had issued. What was the decree seeking and why was it denied?

Indigenous people marching in Guatemala

National Strike in Guatemala: Indigenous Communities Ask For Resignation Of Prosecutor

Today, indigenous communities have declared themselves on strike in Guatemala. They ask for the resignation of the prosecutor in defense of democracy and of the elected president Bernardo Arévalo. Here we tell you the reasons

Presidential debate in Argentina

First Presidential Debate in Argentina: Economy And Human Rights At The Center

The candidates Massa (for Peronism) and Milei (self-proclaimed liberal but with far-right policies) were the protagonists of the first presidential debate in Argentina. The most discussed topics were the economy and human rights


The Paradox Of Food in Colombia: Waste With Hunger

There is a paradox in Colombia: with the food that is wasted in the country every year, hunger could end. There is no shortage, but rather waste and poor distribution. We explain this phenomenon to you here

Carlos Galan, Federico Gutierrez, Alejandro Char

Colombia: This Is The Electoral Panorama In The Main Departmental Capitals

Candidates opposed to the Petro Government are leading the polls for mayors in large cities. This is the panorama in Bogotá, Medellín, Barranquilla and Cali

Nano War

Peru: Who Was Nano Guerra, Vice President of Congress?

Today the vice president of the Congress of Peru, Nano Guerra, died at the age of 60. We tell you who he was and his role in politics.

Verónica Saraúz, widow of Fernando Villavicencio

Ecuador: Police Rule Out Alleged Attack Against Verónica Saraúz, Widow Of Fernando Villavicencio

Christian Zurita, who had recieved Fernando Villavicencio's candidacy in the first round, denounced an alleged attack against Verónica Saraúz, his widow. However, the Police ruled it out. Here the full story

Photograph showing people living on the street on September 19, 2023 in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Poverty And Inflation In Argentina: These Are The Figures

Poverty climbs in an Argentina with income pulverized by high inflation. These are the numbers that explain this phenomenon

March for the students of Ayotzinapa

Ayotzinapa Anniversary: Nine Years Of Struggle And Impunity

Thousands of people marched in Mexico due to setbacks in the Ayotzinapa case, which has now reached nine years of impunity .

Migrants at the Costa Rica border

Costa Rica Is About To Declare An Emergency Due To Migration: These Are The Figures Of The Crisis

Costa Rica will declare a migration emergency and deport those who "behave badly." 

Debate in Bogotá

This Is How The Public Debate On Social Justice For Bogotá Went

The NGO Temblores and the Action Program for Equality and Social Inclusion (PAIIS) of the University of Los Andes organized a debate with the candidates for mayor of Bogotá in the public space on social justice