When the press gets censored

Censoring the media seems to be the new strategy of some governments


8 ambitious legislative bills in Latin America

By 2019, Latin American congresses leave cooking bills that address issues such as abortion, tax reforms, presidential jurisdiction, among others

2018: Another year of struggle for the LGBTI community

Latin America is one of the regions that has made the most progress in recognizing the rights of the LGBTI population. However, there are still countries that do not advance

How does 2018 end for women in Latinamerica?

2018 is about to finish. We review some key moments in the women's movement in Latin America

Costa Rica: 70 years without an army

The Central American country turns 70 years without armed forces. What have been the effects of the demilitarization?

This is the controversial bill that would change journalism in Colombia

Currently, in Colombia, there is a bill that seeks to regulate journalism

Alias ‘Guacho’: a victory for the Colombian government

FARC dissident Walter Arizala Vernaza, alias "Guacho", was discharged in a military operation

The "Marshall Plan" for Central America

Due to the migration crisis, Mexico is ready to offer solutions that benefit most Central American countries

New Constitution of Cuba: what changes will it bring?

After 42 years, Cuba will have a new Magna Carta under a project led by the country's first president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez

New Ecuadorian Vice President: is the third time the charm?

In less than two years, two Ecuadorian vice-presidents have resigned after facing corruption scandals

How will Bolsonaro’s cabinet be formed?

The president-elect has chosen to reduce the portfolios of his government, so he will have 22, seven fewer than in the outgoing government

Peru: what the 2018 referendum left

High numbers of participation, high favorability of Vizcarra and 3 of 4 reforms were approved

Combo fiscal: the controversial reform of Costa Rica

After a social crisis in which Costa Rica was for 3 months, the tax reform was approved

Evo Morales: eager for power

The controversial Bolivian president goes for his fourth term in power, will he achieve it?

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