What happened in the visit of Carlos Holmes Trujillo to the United Nations?

The Colombian chancellor visited New York to fulfill his agenda before the UN. They talked about Venezuela and the creation of an international anti-corruption court

Nicaragua: a reality not very different from Venezuela

Although the eyes are focused on Venezuela, what happens in Nicaragua is not far from resembling the Venezuelan reality, especially with the abuses to citizens

Meet Nayib Bukele, new president of El Salvador

Nayib Bukele will assume the presidency next June, thanks the imminent support of the Salvadorans

Venezuela: Support, intimidation, censorship, and strategy

From international support to repression, Venezuela seeks a way out of the political crisis

This is what happened in the February the 2nd protests in Venezuela

Yesterday, February the 2nd, the Venezuelan opposition, headed by Juan Guaidó, called again marches in Venezuela. This is what happened

Colombia: the substitution of illicit crops it's not an easy task

The voluntary substitution of coca crops in Colombia requires comprehensive policies and an economic exit that benefits the farmers

Youth and service: This was the visit of Pope Francis to Panama

From January 23 to 27, the Supreme Pontiff was present at World Youth Day 2019 that took place in Panamanian lands

Venezuela: Source of frictions in the Security Council

The proclamation of Juan Guaidó created tensions between the US and Russia, and again divided the permanent members of the Security Council into their former sides

Prosur: what to expect from Ivan Duque's proposal?

The president of Colombia seeks to create a regional body that seeks the "defense of democracy"

Norway and Cuba demand to comply the Protocol with ELN

Before the affirmations of the president Iván Duque to retire of the dialogs of peace with the ELN, Norway and Cuba raised their voices of protest

Juan Guaidó: Venezuela has a new president

Amid the marches of this Wednesday, Venezuela has a new interim president, who has great international support

Which are the worst countries in human rights?

The non-profit organization presented its annual report on human rights in the world. Which Latin American countries failed?

Colombia and Brazil towards the free carrying of weapons?

The right-wing governments of neighboring countries seek to relax the requirements for the possession of weapons, which has generated an extensive debate

Colombia said no to terrorism

Thousands of people marched today in different parts of Colombia to express their solidarity due to recent acts of violence

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