Paraguay: this has been the presidency of Mario Abdo Benítez

Mario Abdo Benitez received a divided country in September and distrust of the institutions. These have been some of the actions of the president


Nicaragua: Ortega vs. the opposition

The death of a 'political prisoner' once again unleashed chaos and the opposition organized a National Strike to demand the release of those in custody

Protests in Brazil: a country divided in two by Bolsonaro

After the protests against and in favor of Bolsonaro for the cuts in education, only the panorama of a divided country remains

Journalism and power: the ravages of a common alliance

The AMLO government publishes a list of 36 journalists who received money during the Peña Nieto government. But what is the effect of these 'businesses'?




What happens with Haitian immigration in Chile?

From negligence in hospitals to very low working conditions, Haitian immigration in Chile faces several problems

Colombia: sexual violence and forgiveness through art

The National Day for the Dignity of Women Victims of Sexual Violence was commemorated with symbolic and artistic acts that seek to build memory and forgiveness

Norway and its role as mediator in the Venezuelan crisis

With the recent confirmation of "preliminary contacts" with delegations of the opposition and the Venezuelan regime, Norway reaffirms its mediating role

How much do you know about Latin American political history?

With this quiz you will test your knowledge about the political history of the region

Cristina Kirschner: new vice-presidential formula and first trial for corruption

After the announcement in social networks accepting Alberto Fernandez's vice-presidential formula, Kirschner attended the first oral hearing on charges of corruption

Political persecution? New York Times journalist escaped Colombia after accusations

After accusations made in social networks by right-wing politicians, the journalist Nick Casey decided to leave the country for feeling threatened

False positives 2.0: Semana knew everything but censored it

La Silla Vacía reveals that Semana had the same investigation as The New York Times but decided to lock it up after talking to members of the government

Colombia and its 'institutional crisis'

The decision of the JEP not to extradite Jesus Santrich has led to what a political sector has called an "institutional crisis"

Story of an announced campaign: presentation of 'Sinceramente' in the FILBA

On May 9 was the presentation of Sinceramente by Cristina Fernandez de Kirschner on the FILBA and more than 20,000 people attended

Santrich: the protagonist of the week in Colombia

A tense week has been lived in Colombia for the different events related to the leader of the FARC Jesus Santrich and the issue surrounding his extradition

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