Fernando Londoño Hoyos, former Minister of Justice of Colombia.

Former Minister of Justice in Colombia with judicial problems

Fernando Londoño Hoyos must return the 145 million shares of the Invercolsa company, which he acquired irregularly 20 years ago .

Monument to Caupolicán in Temuco, Chile, after the demonstrations.

Even the monuments are revealed in Chile, Valdivia beheaded for the second time

The protesters in Chile today have forced historians to write a new chapter around this statue.

Sebastian Piñera on Cabinet Council of Ministers of Chile

The new cabinet in Chile

Protests in Chile have led to a political crisis that has put President Piñera cornered against the wall, which led him to change his cabinet

President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra.

Peru: what is the social and economic package about?

After the closure of Congress, the Peruvian government announced a package that includes economic recovery .

Glass broken by a bullet.

Colombia is attacking the peace agreement

Since the end of the armed conflict in Colombia, 158 members of the FARC have been killed, 88 in the current government of Iván Duque.

Indigenous community person.

Massacre of indigenous people in Cauca Colombia

The FARC dissidents killed Cristina Bautista, Governor of the Cabildo de Tacueyó in the department of Cauca in Colombia, and four community members of the Indigenous Guard

Vegetables and vegetables on a table.

Latin America represents 20% of wasted food on the planet

This area of the planet is home to 9% of the total population of the earth and in some parts, food is lost or wasted .

Claudia López, elected mayor of Bogotá.

First female mayor of Bogotá makes the corrupt tremble

Claudia Nayibe López Hernández managed to become the first woman of the most important mayor's office in Colombia, the mayor's office of the capital of the Republic

Alberto Fernández exercising his vote during election day in Argentina.

Peronism returns to power in Argentina

Alberto Fernández obtained 48.10% of the votes, surpassing Mauricio Macri by eight points

Daniel Martínez and Luis Lacalle Pou

Left and right-wing face in Uruguayan elections

The presidential elections leave the left-wing candidate, Daniel Martínez, as leader, but with a strong opponent, Luis Lacalle Pou.

Soldier in the middle of a confrontation.

These are 4 of the biggest wars in Latin America

The past conflicts of Latin America are the beginning of understanding the configuration, territorial distribution and current disputes of the region.

Police force dissipating protests in Santiago de Chile.

Latin America is in crisis

The last weeks have been critical for the region in political, social, economic and even environmental matters

Group of children playing and running.

Children at risk of lead poisoning in Cuba

Journalist Mónica Baró made a report that tracks Cuban families whose relatives and children in the San Miguel del Padrón neighborhood are victims of lead poisoning

Evo Morales at a press conference.

Evo Morales attacks the opposition

The Bolivian president said that "to ignore the vote of the people, especially the ones of the countryside, country sellers and coup perpetrators have joined".

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