5 Latin American countries do not have a second round of elections

Why do these nations only have one round of voting to elect their presidents and what are the advantages and consequences?

Is Julian Assange's stay at the Embassy of Ecuador over?

The Ecuadorian government has been negotiating with the United Kingdom a possible exit of the WikiLeaks founder of the diplomatic representation

Colombia: Three issues to follow during the presidency of Iván Duque

The peace process, the economy and his position in the face of social struggles will determine the course of the government of the Colombian elected president

Latin America and the Caribbean face the resurgence of maritime piracy

The instability and economic crisis that several countries in the continent are going through have empowered an activity that for the 20th century was considered extinct: maritime piracy

After an alarming case, Egypt wants to put an end to female genital mutilation

The Arab country promulgated a religious edict against female genital mutilation

Venezuela: A stampede in Caracas leaves 17 young people dead

The explosion of a can of tear gas in a nightclub in Caracas was the cause of the tragedy

The extradition of former President Martinelli: another Noriega in Panama?

In spite of arriving to Panama under the condition of prisoner, the ex-president Ricardo Martinelli was taken to the clinic where the dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega also was confined: these are the similarities of the two cases

"Abortion is not a matter of faith but of public health", head of the coalition Cambiemos

The bill has overcome the first obstacle in Argentina to be endorsed by the Lower Chamber of this country, but the decision of the Senate is still missing

Nicaragua: Does a strike change the national panorama?

For the organizers the national rally was total success, although there is no certainty about the effectiveness of that kind of measures

These are the Latin American countries that will participate in the largest naval warfare exercise

For the first time in almost 50 years, a Latin American country will lead RIMPAC's Naval War rehearsal

Evo Morales: for the third time, the Bolivian leader attends the inauguration of the World Cup

For the Bolivian opposition, the trip of the president Evo Morales to Russia on the opening date of the World Cup demonstrates waste of public spending

The latest strategy to win voters: Presenting the Cabinet of Ministers

A few days before Colombians vote, candidates present their cabinets to inform those who will accompany them in their work and generate confidence in the electorate

The Escobar’s curse: The heirs of the Colombian capo accused of money laundering

The widow and son of Pablo Escobar were accused of participating in the crime of money laundering using real estate investments such as cuadas

"Venezuela is a Mafia State": Jeremy McDermott, Executive Director of InSight Crime

A study found links between the Venezuelan government and criminal activities