Mexico: Does violence in electoral times threaten the country's democracy?

With the number of murders of politicians and candidates, the national government needs a change of strategy

The General Assembly of the UN has a new president and is a Latin American woman

The Ecuadorian chancellor was named in the post and despite the rejoicing that this implies for the region there is controversy

To be an environmentalist in Latin America is synonymous of death?

58% of the homicides to environmentalists that occur in the world are registered in Latin American countries

Colombia: why the second round of the presidential election is no longer radical?

The more than 4.5 million people who voted for Sergio Fajardo are the ones who will put the next president of Colombia

An Argentine would need to save for 859 years to obtain the patrimony of Cristina Fernández

These are the luxuries of Latin American socialist leaders

"Venezuela's isolation does not harm the government, it harms the people": National Assembly chief

With the possible suspension of Venezuela from the OAS, the Venezuelan opposition says that now Nicolás Maduro will be able to do whatever he wants and will not have to respond to the international community if the isolation continues

Will Cuba revolutionize its constitution?

Raúl Castro will lead the commission in charge of drafting a new Magna Carta, although the political regime will remain and the economic opening will be the great challenge

Piñera wants Chile to remain an open country for immigrants

The president of Chile said that immigration policies could not keep waiting, and assures that thousands of foreign citizens are already participating in this process

The United States finances the dirty war against the gangs in El Salvador

The North American country supports paramilitaries economically to execute the leaders of the gangs

Guatemala: According to David de León, the main thing is "to find missing persons and hopefully alive"

The spokesman of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala, David de León, affirmed that they continue with the evaluation tasks

Extrajudicial executions: the practice strengthens in Latin America

Authoritarian regimes in Latin America have not only violated democracy in the region but have standardized practices such as extrajudicial executions

Migration: Mexico deports more undocumented immigrants than the United States

In the south of Mexico, in the border of the Aztec country with Guatemala, there is a wall that nobody talks about

The Latin American countries reject the sale and possession of weapons for civilians

In the United States, the port of arms is legal. However, not all countries are in favor of the sale and free bearing of weapons

"They turned against their own people in a cruel and lethal attack", international Amnesty director

At almost 50 days since the protests began in Nicaragua, the excessive force of power and the failure in the peace negotiations are some of the factors to highlight