Colombia: why young people don't vote?

Young colombians have the ability to decide the elections in their country, but disinterest and abstention prevail over the possibility of determining their future

Colombia: the million-dollar expedition to reach the San José galleon

Colombia, in collaboration with a private company, promotes a project to rescue and market the remains and cargo of the Spanish ship

The panorama of Mexico 40 days before the elections

After the second presidential debate, candidates will use all their tools towards a historic election

Bolivia: the construction of the new presidential house that causes controversy

The critics consider that the building is very luxurious for a poor country with flaws of health and education, according to the curators of Bolivia

The collapse of the Chilean Church: All the bishops of the country resign

The Vatican could no longer ignore allegations of sexual abuse

Xenophobia in New York: more Latinos victims of this situation

The comments of lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, in the heart of Manhattan, set the alarm about xenophobia

No more Kellogg's in Venezuela

The mythical cereal company is forced to leave the country after more than half a century of activity

These are the four Latin American countries that have had a relationship with Iran in nuclear matter

Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia have also been silent allies in Iran's nuclear program, not only Argentina collaborated with Iran

Latin America: The region with the most homicides in the world

43 of the 50 cities with the highest homicide rate in the world are in Latin America, according to Igarapé Institute

Hotesur: A new corruption scandal shakes the Kirchner family

On May 13, 2018, the Argentine authorities opened an investigation IGNORE INTO the Hotesur case in which former President Cristina Fernandez and her family are involved

Latin America: the land of the young people who neither study nor work

Despite the efforts and good intentions of the leaders and governments of the region, Latin America remains as one of the places in the world where there is more youth unemployment

How does Brazil approach its elections without Lula da Silva?

An extreme right-wing candidate accused of racism, homophobia, and sexism, would be the most benefited with the disqualification of Lula

The dirty digital war for the presidency of Mexico already has its cure: Verificado 2018

Fake news has the facility to spread quickly thanks to social networks, but Verificado 2018 works to stop all false or dubious content

Is the European-style integration proposed by Evo Morales possible?

In the middle of the UNASUR crisis, the Bolivian president proposed that Latin American countries be integrated in the same way as the European Union