What will happen to Castrochavismo without the Castros and Chávez?

The recent election of Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez as president of Cuba marks the official end of the Castro-Chavismo era in the Americas

Colombia, Spain, or a US company: who owns the 10 billion dollars at the bottom of the sea?

The San Jose Galleon sank more than 200 years ago full of treasures that were going to Spain, is in Colombian waters and a US company found it

Mexico: López Obrador rises in polls, will he win the presidency?

The opposition candidate continues to growth in the vote intention, which concerns the government of Enrique Peña Nieto

Costa Rica presents its updated map after its victory in The Hague

Costa Ricans brought Nicaragua to trial in 2014 for a territorial dispute that they finally won in February of this year

Does Rosario Murillo hold the power in Nicaragua?

How has the eccentric Nicaraguan vice president influenced the politics of her country?

El Salvador takes an important step in favor of the LGBTI community

The Central American country, like its neighbors, is behind in terms of minority rights, including the LGBTI sector, with respect to European or North American countries.

USAN: there are six countries that leave the organism

There are six countries that temporarily withdraw after the beginning of the pro tempore presidency of Bolivia

Will Peña Nieto be left without his protective blanket?

With the approved constitutional reform, the president will no longer be sheltered under certain defense laws



FARC has not died: This is how its dissidents operate

The murder of the three journalists on the Colombian-Ecuadorian border is the latest crime of those who do not accept peace

Infrastructure and Housing: What do the candidates have to say on the matter?

The biggest electoral challenge in Colombia is already less than 5 weeks away from being carried out

Paraguay: Everything you need to know about the upcoming elections

On April 22, the South American nation will decide which side of the regional policy it wants to be

Dissidence of the FARC, a problem that is not yet controlled?

The cooperation between Ecuador and Colombia has been the first step towards peace

Venezuela: Maduro on the edge of the sword?

Why did the National Assembly approve continuing the judicial process against Nicolás Maduro for alleged links to Odebrecht?

Latin America does not have housing for everyone

The region faces a housing deficit, where the problem is not only in the demand but in the cost and informality