Did Guatemala win the battle against crime?

After 18 years, Army troops are removed from the streets of the country

Mexico 2018: What do the candidates propose?

How is each of the 4 candidates for the Mexican presidency positioned in the official polls?

Costa Rica: Who won the presidency?

With more than 97% of the tables counted, the candidate of the PAC, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, received more than 60.5% of the votes

Why hasn't the Darien Gap been paved?

The region is the only interruption on the Pan-American Highway, which connects the entire American continent

Child abuse: Children at risk

Around 6.3 million children migrate each year from the places where they reside to escape violence

Data availability in Latin America

Data has changed they way we live and the way we understand our past and future


The real numbers of immigration in 2017

According to official data, more than 6,100 people died looking for a better future

Drug trafficking: The growing Latin American business

While the shipment of coca from Colombia to the United States increases, other South American countries become more involved in this business

The most violent cities in the world are in Latin America

10 cities with the highest rate of violence around the world are in Venezuela, Brazil, and México

Puerto Rico: 6 months after María

What has been done and what is still needed?

Does PPK's exit affect the Summit of the Americas?

Democratic governance and corruption is the theme of the summit scheduled for April 13 and 14

Achievements and challenges for gender equality in Latin America

Important steps have been taken, but there is still a long way to go for gender equity in the region

Latin America: Two thirds of the continent failed the corruption index

According to Transparency International, Venezuela is the most corrupt country on the continent while Uruguay and Chile are the less fraudulent

Miss Venezuela: Ugly corruption eclipses beauty

The Venezuelan beauty pageant was temporarily canceled due to corruption scandals