Brazil: the most uncertain elections since the return to democracy?

2018 comes with an electoral climate in Latin America that will represent a turning point, with Brazil as one of the representative cases

Domestic Violence and Latin American Women

Domestic violence rates directly correlate with the well being of the region's women 

Facts about poverty in Latin America

One out of five Latin Americans lives in chronic poverty 

Politics in Colombia: between love and hate

Representatives of Colombian politics have experienced emotional extremes during public events

America: a continent in decline in human rights protection

The USA was included this time due to the threat posed by the rhetoric of Donald Trump

Brazil: How does it combat violence?

According to local media research, every 10 minutes a person dies violently in the country

Odebrecht scandal: Kenji Fujimori left the Popular Force party

A month after his resignation from the bench, the youngest of the Fujimori announced his decision

Argentina: Is it ready to decriminalize abortion?

According to WHO, in Latin America 68,000 women die each year after practicing illegal abortions

Latin America: No women in power

After four women simultaneously occupied the highest government positions in the region, the situation seems to not take place this year

IACHR: Central figure of the Colombian post-conflict

Juan Manuel Santos announced that the commission will accompany the implementation of the peace agreement in the country

OAS calls for wider and stronger sanctions against Venezuela

From Geneva, the Secretary General of the American agency, Luis Almagro, emphasized his ruling on the global collective blindness that has been given to the Venezuelan regime

Brazil: Why was a state declared in "vulnerable conditions"?

These have been the consequences of the Venezuelan crisis in the largest country in South America

Guatemala: The struggle to eliminate corruption

Although the situation has improved compared to previous years, the figures are alarming in the Central American country

Chile: 10,000 signatures to prevent the visit of Maduro and Castro

The constant violations of human rights caused by these presidents motivated the movement