Colombian Police

Crime in Colombia is Combated Without Police

In the run-up to regional elections in Colombia, the lack of public forces to combat crime was highlighted

Omar Camacho

Colombia: Omar Camacho, the Controversial New Mines Minister

Omar Camacho's opinions on Hugo Chávez and the Castro brothers do not seem to match the position he was conferred. Will he be able to meet the challenge of Gustavo Petro's energy transition?

European Union flag

The EU Pledged More than 45 Billion Euros for the Region: What Will they be Invested In?

Following the EU-CELAC summit, several projects in sustainable transport, renewable energies, and health systematization will see the green light. What will the 45 billion euros promised by the European Union be invested in?

Latin America map

Gallery: Border Conflicts in Latin America

Recently, the International Court at The Hague settled the dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua, but others remain to be defined. Despite the peaceful context of the region, there are several border conflicts in Latin America

elderly woman

Fundamental Rights for a Peaceful Retirement: How Is It in Latin America?

The challenge of dignifying the aeging stage for women in Latin America: How are we in terms of fundamental rights?

Sandra Torres and Bernardo Arevalo

Guatemala: Chapina Democracy Survives Despite its Weaknesses

Guatemala's 2023 general elections put the country's democracy to the test as the country seeks an orderly election and transition

Gustavo Petro

Colombia: Guajira will be Gustavo Petro's Policy Laboratory

Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced a state of emergency in this region to implement his policies that failed to pass at the national level

Maria Corina Machado

Venezuela: Why is Maduro so Afraid of María Corina Machado?

The opposition in Venezuela has a moment of unity. This is due to the disqualification of Machado and the complicated relations in Mercosur

Odebrecht Continues to Splash in Colombian Politics

Latin America's most controversial corruption case is back in the limelight in Colombian politics

people migrating

Opinion: Colombia and the Dominican Republic, a Culture of Migration

A survey shows that both Colombia and the Dominican Republic are the countries with the highest intention to emigrate to the region. What is the reason?

Adán Agusto López, Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard, Ricardo Monreal, Manuel Velasco, Gerardo Fernández

The Profile of AMLO's Six Presidential Succession Cards

Six names are in the running for the Morena party's candidacy for the presidency of Mexico, currently held by AMLO. Here are the profiles of each of them

Xiomara Castro

What Is Happening in Honduras? Does Xiomara Castro Take Similar Measures to Bukele?

Honduras' President Xiomara Castro has chosen punitive populism as a way of dealing with the challenge posed by the violence in her country. Will the strategy work for her, as it did for Nayib Bukele, or will it be a failed gamble?

Cabo de la Vela farmhouse

Colombia: Economic and Ecological Emergency in La Guajira, One of the Most Forgotten Territories

La Guajira is facing a tough economic outlook and President Gustavo Petro's strategy to govern for a week is no longer possible

Bernardo Arevalo and Sandra Torres

Elections in Guatemala: Between A Novice And Traditional Politics

Sandra Torres and Bernardo Arévalo will contest the mandate in the second round of elections in Guatemala. A race between the rookie, the politics of tradition and an atmosphere of discontent