LGBTI march

Pride 2023: What Is It and What Is the Contramarcha Looking for in Colombia?

Pride month arrives, but not everything is colors and party. La Contramarcha is here to stay and summons the marchers of the LGBTIQ+ community in Colombia. We explain it to you

people receiving keys

Colombia: 7 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Real State

Whether you are in Colombia or live abroad and wish to invest, LatinAmerican Post brings some tips to remember when buying a real state there

Rafael Correa

Elections in Ecuador: Is Correism Back?

Early elections in Ecuador may revive Correism, the movement that controls the central municipalities and the last legislative branch, which is headed for early presidential elections

Zury Rios and Sandra Torres

Bukelismo Can Also Win In The Elections In Guatemala

Zury Ríos and Sandra Torres lead the polls for the Guatemalan elections. Both have tried to emulate Nayib Bukele's speech and it seems that it is serving them.

Gustavo Petro and the Colombian military leadership

What is New about this Pact Between the Colombian Government and the ELN Compared to Previous Ones?

The new ceasefire agreement between Gustavo Petro's government and the ELN has some elements that may augur well for its fate

Soldiers in the operation to rescue children in the jungles of Guaviare, Colombia

4 Keys to Understanding how the Mucutuy Children of the Amazon Survived

Forty days in the jungle for children under 13 seems like a miracle. These were the keys to understanding how the 4 Mucutuy children survived in the Amazon

Gustavo Petro and Nayib Bukele

Gustavo Petro and Nayib Bukele, an Ideological Fight

The presidents of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, and of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, have found a political adversary in each other

López Obrador with Evo Morales

Why Was AMLO Never the Latin American Leader Many Expected?

The Mexican president is approaching his last year in office with a solid internal position. However, at the regional level, AMLO did not achieve the impact that he initially seemed to project

Gustavo Petro

What Is the 'Soft Coup D'Étatt' Denounced by Gustavo Petro About?

In LatinAmerican Post we explain the definition of the 'soft coup d'état' theory with which, according to Colombian President Gustavo Petro, the opposition is trying to remove his party's representatives from Congress.

Man holding a jar with modenas

Hunger Increases in Quantity and Intensity and Threatens Latin America

Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean has increased by 30% since 2019, and several countries are already food insecurity hotspots

police from Chile

Xenophobia in Chile: A Challenge for the Government of Gabriel Boric

More and more cases of xenophobia are reported in Chile, which represents a challenge for Gabriel Boric's government. How do the authorities' decisions affect this social problem?

Lula Da Silva

Land Reform in Brazil: Can Lula Fulfill the Historical Debt?

After the first two decades of the 21st century, agrarian reform in Brazil remains an unfulfilled promise. What will be the future of the Brazilian countryside without it?

Gustavo Petro

Colombia: Why Hasn't Gustavo Petro Fulfilled Some of his Campaign Promises?

Colombian President Gustavo Petro is having difficulty implementing several of his campaign promises, not because he wants to

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

What is the Controversy in Mexico Over AMLO's New Science Law?

The approval of the General Law of Humanities, Sciences, Technologies, and Innovation in Mexico, proposed by AMLO, is the object of strong criticism and protests. What does this law imply for science and technology?