Peru: Vizcarra and his new cabinet

Last Monday, the Peruvian president Martin Vizcarra presented his new cabinet of ministers

Illegal mining and criminal groups: another problem in Venezuela

While Venezuela's problems are handled from the capital, the borders hide much more serious situations

Mexico: how is AMLO's government going?

The first three months of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador are completed. How has the Mexican president performed?

Nicaragua: opposition puts a halt to negotiations

Although Daniel Ortega agreed to engage in talks with the opposition, the dialogues do not seem to be moving

"National Alarm" in Venezuela

In the middle of one of the longest blackouts and a crisis due to lack of water, interim president Juan Guaidó declared the national alarm

Iván Duque and the polemic decisions against JEP

On Sunday night, Colombian President Iván Duque ruled on the Statutory Law of the JEP

Russia to the rescue! Venezuela will be safe from USA

Before a possible US military intervention in Venezuela, Russia will act firmly and without hesitation to support and defend the South American country

How do the institutions in charge of closing the gender gap are standing?

In the midst of the struggle to reduce the inequality gap between men and women, a study revealed the role of some institutions in the region

What's coming for Venezuela

After the impediment of the entry of humanitarian aid and the return of Juan Guaidó to Venezuela, what's next for that country?

Chaos in Venezuela: blackout and mass marches

Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó called their followers to mobilize today in the capital and other cities amid the strong blackout that leaves the country in darkness

Another blow to Chavismo: Chávez's daughter would be deported

Of the thousands of requests that can be found on the website of the White House, there is one in particular that draws attention

Venezuela sinks into darkness

As a result of the problems of the main hydroelectric power plant in the country, Venezuela has suffered a major blackout

Latin America: 4 women who sweep in politics

Who said that high positions in politics were reserved only for men? In LatinAmerican Post we show you the most influential women in the region

Paraguay: the US Army has arrived

Before an extraordinary session, the Chamber of Senators approved the US military stay in Paraguayan territory

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