Nicolas Maduro

Maduro announces another economic war: De-dollarize Venezuela

Despite the fact that the dollar has brought stability to the day-to-day life of citizens, the Government of Nicolás Maduro tries to de-dollarize Venezuela

man counting bills

It's Not Just Your Pocket. Inflation in Latin America Worries the World

Factors such as the pandemic, the different social outbreaks that have developed in many countries in the area and the war in Ukraine are the causes that could explain the high inflation in Latin America

Senior couple with coins and a piggy bank

These Are the Pension Proposals Of the Colombian Presidential Candidates

LatinAmerican Post carried out an analysis of the government plans of the four most important candidates, to understand the changes they propose for the pension system in Colombia

Man leaning on prison bars

Opinion: The Rights Of Those Deprived Of Liberty Are Also Inalienable

The populist punitive measures of several politicians do not solve anything and turn the State into a violator of Human Rights. The rights of those deprived of liberty are protected by the international community.

Migrant Caravan in 2021

Could The Migratory Policies Of Central America and Mexico Reduce The Number Of Illegal Migrants?

Through various migration policies and projects, Mexico leads the plan to reduce illegal migration in one of the most mobile regions in the world

peter castle

The Reasons of the Low Popularity of Pedro Castillo

Practically ten months after taking office as president, the rural professor has been constantly criticized and has failed to consolidate himself in the presidential chair. Why the low popularity of Pedro Castillo?

Colombian banknotes on a surface

Subsidies: This Is What The Colombian Presidential Candidates Think

LatinAmerican Post compiled the most important ideas in terms of subsidies in Colombia offered by the 4 candidates with the best chance of reaching the House of Nariño.

Hands tied with handcuffs in a jail

The Prison Crisis in Ecuador May Be a Harbinger of the One in El Salvador

More than 40 deaths in prison riots in Ecuador may be a harbinger of the implementation of Nayib Bukele's prison policy. The causes of the prison crisis in Ecuador are being repeated by El Salvador

Rodríguez Orejuela brothers and alias 'Don Mario'

Colombia Continues To Extradite Capos But Cocaine Production Increases

Alias Otoniel, the most wanted man in Colombia, was extradited to the United States. There is a new capo in North American prisons, but cocaine production continues unabated.

Gustavo Petro

The Threats to Gustavo Petro Must Be Taken Seriously

The recent threats to Gustavo Petro, a leftist candidate for the elections in Colombia, resurrect a specter of politics in the coffee country.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin: Friend Of The Left in Latin America and The Extreme Right in Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin has an extensive list of allies that span the political spectrum.

Captured belonging to the 'Maras Salvatrucha' gang in El Salvador

Maras in El Salvador: Who is Nayib Bukele Facing?

Here we analyze who are the Maras of El Salvador that Nayib Bukele is facing

Alvaro Uribe and Rigoberto Uran

Latin America in Short: Álvaro Uribe On Trial | Rigoberto Urán Falls

This week, against the recommendations of the Prosecutor's Office, Judge Carmen Ortíz of Bogotá gave the go-ahead to bring former President Álvaro Uribe to trial for bribery of witnesses. In sports, Rigoberto Urán withdraws from the Tour de Romandía. This and more summarized here

Woman holds a sign that says 'Enough Femicide'

Femicides: Latin America on Red Alert

Latin America is experiencing a worrying wave of sexist violence. Femicides are on the rise and the neglect of justice offers no hope