Colombians during the National Strike protests

One Year After the National Strike in Colombia: How Does This Situation Affect the Politics of 2022?

On April 28, 2021, one of the most extensive and violent demonstrations in the recent history of the Andean country began. In addition to the social and economic crisis that it triggered, the situation also marked a route plan for this year's presidential elections. We analyze how the National Strike has affected the presidential elections in Colombia


Nicholas Maduro

Is Maduro Becoming Popular Again?

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, is shedding his bad image

Gustavo Petro and Federico Gutierrez

Colombia: What Is The Petro Clause?

With the appearance of the 'Petro clause' and the 'Fico clause', Colombians have shown some fear that one of the two candidates will reach the House of Nariño. What do employers think of this situation?

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of the United Mexican States, during his morning conference

AMLO's Victory in the Referendum Does not Seem to Serve him

Despite the fact that the Mexican president achieved overwhelming support in a recall referendum with little participation, AMLO fails to approve one of his greatest political interests

William Lasso

Would Ecuador Be Stranded In A Left-wing South America?

Ecuador has gone from having ideologically allied neighbors to being almost "alone". The elections in Brazil and Colombia will be crucial

Ivan Duque, Juan Manuel Santos and Julio Cesar Turbay

Gallery: 7 Jaw-Dropping Quotes of Colombian Politicians

Commemorating Holy Week, let's take a moment to remember 7 iconic phrases of Colombian politicians

latin america map vector

Opinion: Let's stop creating more regional organizations in Latin America

The constant political changes in the region make many regional organizations in Latin America quickly lose relevance

Colombian flag behind a statue of Simón Bolívar

Could Colombia Be The "Next Venezuela"?

LatinAmerican Post analyzes whether or not Colombia can be the "next Venezuela"

Gabriel Boric

Good or bad? Gabriel Boric's First Month As Chilean president

The current president of Chile has had to deal with the extremely high expectations placed on his government, which translates into 31 days of lights and shadows. This has been the first month of Gabriel Boric

Nayib Bukele during a speech

What is Bukele Risking with His Anti-Violence Strategy in El Salvador?

There are already several international organizations that have accused the Salvadoran government of violating the human rights of prisoners in the midst of the anti-violence strategy in El Salvador. Will there be investigations or sanctions against Nayib Bukele?

Pedro Castillo, President of Peru

With Pedro Castillo and a Congress of Enemies, Crisis in Peru Worsens

Pedro Castillo has not completed a year in government and seems to have no control. The voices calling for his resignation are increasing in Peru

Rodrigo Chaves

The Difficult Political Landscape That Rodrigo Chaves Will Face In Costa Rica

The new president of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, will have a difficult political panorama with minorities in congress and with a "populist" speech

ELN fighters

Colombia: The Presidential Candidates Positions On The ELN And Venezuela

One of the most complicated issues on the electoral agenda is undoubtedly that of the ELN and the situation on the border with Venezuela

Francia Marquez, Luis Murillo, Marelen Castillo, Sandra de las Lajas Torres

The Vice-presidential Race In Colombia And Its Forgotten Black President

4 Afro candidates for the vice-presidential in Colombia revive the racist debate in the country that tried to erase its only black president from its history