Latin America: The region with more abortions

With the result of the referendum that allows abortion in one of the most conservative societies in the Western hemisphere, the issue takes relevance in the world because of the positions that are faced

Why is the United Kingdom reinforcing its military in the Falklands?

The country invested more than 300 million dollars to protect its position in these islands

Colombia: the political extremes will face in the second presidential round

The right-wing representative, Iván Duque, will face the left-wing candidate, Gustavo Petro, to be the 60th president of Colombia

Peru: Is chemical castration the solution to child abuse?

The Peruvian Congress approved life sentences for child rapists, however, chemical castration is still in doubt

Blood donation: A debate between business and urgency

Three countries in Latin America are a global example in blood donation without remuneration

Colombia: women take over the ship "Gloria"

More than fifty women will be aboard the training ship "Gloria", the flagship of the Colombian National Navy, beginning a new era of the Colombian Naval Force

Will the economic crisis of Argetina worsen or is it an opportunity to improve?

Criticism against Macri's decision to ask for an economic rescue from the IMF and about the different policies of his government have once again been discussed in the country

What makes elections valid internationally? We analyze the case of Venezuela

The elections of Sunday May 20 in Venezuela were unrecognized by much of the American continent because they were considered illegitimate

El Cerrejón: Is it more important money or the environment?

Mining is one of the most important economic activities in Colombia, but the environmental damage resulting from its activity has aroused a series of criticisms

North Korea destroyed its nuclear test center in front of the international press

In front of journalists from the United States, Russia, Great Britain, China and South Korea, the North Korean regime destroyed the facilities where it carried out its six nuclear tests

Colombia: why young people don't vote?

Young colombians have the ability to decide the elections in their country, but disinterest and abstention prevail over the possibility of determining their future

Colombia: the million-dollar expedition to reach the San José galleon

Colombia, in collaboration with a private company, promotes a project to rescue and market the remains and cargo of the Spanish ship

The panorama of Mexico 40 days before the elections

After the second presidential debate, candidates will use all their tools towards a historic election

Bolivia: the construction of the new presidential house that causes controversy

The critics consider that the building is very luxurious for a poor country with flaws of health and education, according to the curators of Bolivia

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