'Gang members' captured by the Salvadoran police

Wave of violence in El Salvador: Bukele reduces freedoms in response

Congress approves a state of emergency after President Bukele pointed to the increase in the wave of violence in El Salvador, which has left dozens of homicides

Alberto Fujimori

For What Crimes Has Alberto Fujimori Been Convicted?

The former president of Peru Alberto Fujimori could be free after a decision made by the Constitutional Court

View of the Congress in Colombia

The Projects That Could Be A Reality With The New Congress In Colombia

The new Colombian Congress could approve issues that were not previously considered thanks to the strength of some groups such as progressives in parliament.

France Marquez, Paloma Valencia and Katherine Miranda

What Happened With the Women in the Colombian Elections?

Despite advances in the participation of more women in politics, the country has a long way to go to achieve gender parity. Learn about women in the Colombian elections

Jota Pe Hernandez, Miguel Polo Polo, Catherine Juvinao

Gallery: The New Faces Of The Colombian Congress

The legislative elections of March 13 in Colombia left new faces in Congress

President of Peru, Pedro Castillo

Peru, A Country Without A President: Castillo Will Face Another Impeachment

The Peruvian congress approved this week a debate on a motion of censure against President Pedro Castillo

Gustavo Petro, Sergio Fajardo and Federico Gutierrez

Infographic: Results of Elections to Congress in Colombia

After an election day, this is how the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Coalition Consultations were formed. These are the results of the elections to Congress in Colombia

Portrait of Gabriel Boric giving his victory speech in 2021

The Challenges Of Gabriel Boric As President Of Chile

The former deputy and new president of Chile will take office on March 11 in the midst of various challenges and with great expectations on the part of his voters. These are the challenges of Gabriel Boric now that he begins his mandate

Nicolas Maduro and Joe Biden

Why Does The United States Need Nicolás Maduro?

The Joe Biden administration met with Maduro officials in Venezuela. What does the US president want from the Chavista regime? 

Nicolás Maduro and Vladimir Putin

Sanctions against Russia and the effects on its Latin American allies

In response to the invasion of Ukraine, Several countries have imposed harsh sanctions on Russia that could harm the entire world, especially, Maduro, Díaz-Canel, and Ortega.

Gustavo Petro, Juan Manuel Galán y Óscar Iván Zuluaga

Colombia: Most controversial proposals of the presidential candidates

These are the most controversial and criticized proposals of the presidential candidates in Colombia

Travel accessories and a passport on a surface

Gallery: Latin American passports: Which are the best and worst in 2022?

To travel abroad you may be asked for a visa, however, depending on your nationality, you will be able to enter more or fewer countries without further formalities. These are the best and worst passports in Latin America.

Person placing a vote in a ballot box

Opinion: What is Behind The Primary Elections in Colombia?

On March 13, the day of the legislative elections, Colombians will also be able to vote for a candidate in the presidential elections in Colombia.

Scarf for the right to legal, safe and free abortion

Decriminalization of Abortion in Colombia: End of a Battle?

In a historic act, the Constitutional Court of the South American country approved the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia until the 24th week of pregnancy. However, can conservative sectors block this measure?