Colombia: What will happen to Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla?

Although the possibility is minimal, the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla, could leave office if the Congress so decides

Against human trafficking: These are the figures of impunity in Latin America

Today marks the International Day Against Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking. These are the figures of impunity that this crime has left in the region

Peru: Why would the president dissolve the Congress?

Martín Vizcarra, in a broadcast for all the Peruvian people, gave an ultimatum to Congress to process an anti-corruption law

This is the Colombian lawyer who has shaken Latin American politicians

Iván Velásquez has been responsible for being a nuisance to the spheres of power in Latin America

Colombia is still the world's biggest producer of cocaine

In 2017, more than 171.00 hectares of coca were grown in Colombia, according to the UN

What keeps Cristina Fernández de Kirchner away from going to jail?

Despite being accused of illicit enrichment, there is a possibility for the former president to escape from prison

Chile: The Gender Law is historic for the LGBTI community

The controversial law was approved by the Chilean Congress, after several years of struggle by LGBTI rights defenders in the southern country.

Bolivia: Why people reject the new headquarters of UNASUR?

The building, which cost more than 60 million dollars, is located in a city with a poverty rate of 45%, according to the National Institute of Statistics of the country

These are the figures that the Venezuelan migration left

"These numbers are large, it is one of the biggest migration crises we have experienced": United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Mexico: Students created a jacket against sexual harassment

The garment generates an electric shock of 90 volts to the attacker that leave him stunned and allow the victim to flee

Colombia: How was Ivan Duque’s first month as a President?

Support for the Anticorruption Consultation, his position on the case of the "Water Bonds", were influential factors when measuring his approval as president

United States: 4 women of Colombian descent win primary elections in New York

The Democratic Party elected the four women of Colombian descent to face the Republicans in the November legislative elections

2 historical court decisions in favour of democracy

On September 15 is celebrated the International Day of Democracy. For that reason, here we present you 2 important court decisions in favour of democracy in Latin America

What are the factors that threaten Latin American democracy?

Today we celebrate the day of democracy and in LatinAmerican Post we analyze the antidemocratic practices that affect it

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