Who is the new ambassador of colombia at the UN?

Both his long diplomatic experience and his work in conflict resolution are the traits that stand out in the resume of the new ambassador of Colombia at the UN

Mexico: The world still remembers the Ayotzinapa students

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has shown its dissatisfaction the Mexican government investigation regarding the case of Ayotzinapa

Argentina: Why is there controversy with Macri's measures?

The president of Argentina aims to balance the economy by reducing the number of his cabinet and increasing the tax processes of the country

Mexico: What risks does AMLO face with his promise of reducing his security?

Obrador's proposal could bring risks to his life in a country with high rates of violence such as Mexico

Why did Peru and Colombia agree to create a database of Venezuelan migrants?

Both governments reached an agreement to jointly create and share a database of Venezuelan migrants between August 27 and 28, 2018

Can hospitals in Latin America resist natural disasters?

According to PAHO reports, 67% of hospitals in the region would be built in a high-risk area

Colombia: What the visit of Pedro Sánchez left

Negotiations with the ELN and the crisis in Venezuela were some of the topics to be discussed among the leaders of each country

Bolivia: Violence against women in politics does not diminish

Although the public positions held by women in Bolivia are increasingly increasing, political gender violence also increases

Mexico's challenge is migration

The geographical location and the instability of the countries of the region have made Mexico one of the nations that receive the most migrants in the continent.

Nicaraguans abroad are also victims of xenophobia

Some Nicaraguans who have migrated to Costa Rica, as a result of the socio-political situation in their country, have been victims of xenophobic attacks

Spain: Plan B for Venezuelan migrants

Job opportunities and low cost of living are some of the reasons for Venezuelans traveling to Spain

Guatemala: Jimmy Morales's reasons for expelling CICIG

The Guatemalan president tries to protect his status after the alleged cases of corruption

Latin America: Everything you need to know about Pedro Sánchez's tour

The Spanish leader, Pedro Sánchez, visited four countries in Latin America to strengthen diplomatic relations

This is what the authorities found in Cristina Fernández properties

According to former president of Argentina, the authorities took her presidential band. Here you can find what else they found during the raids

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