Honduras: the pandora case shakes the country

The corruption scandal in the Central American country has led to the arrest warrant: understand the context here

Venezuela: In spite of the approval of the health budget, protests continue

The president Nicolás Maduro approved to invest 344 million dollars for health. For the president there is money, but there is still a problem of a currency crisis

Nicaragua: between the national crisis and the presidential fantasy

While Daniel Ortega talks about normalization, protests continue and neighboring governments are already preparing for a possible wave of immigration

Mexico: Is the legalization of drugs the solution to the fight against drug trafficking?

The future Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is seriously considering implementing the amnesty law, which proposes a process of peace and of national reconciliation

Álvaro Uribe's resignation: Moral impediment or masterful move?

Uribe resigned after the Supreme Court called him for an investigation. It is believed that his resignation is a move of his defense to avoid the investigation

Cuba: The changes of private property that you would not expect

With the pre-approval of the new Constitution, which will be debated now in the coming months, private property is the center of attention

"You, the new generation of Colombians, it's time to take charge of your life": Joe Biden

During his visit to Colombia, the former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, delivered a powerful message to young people

Brazil: in political participation there is no equality for women

According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Brazil has the 4th lowest proportion of women in congress

Are you a Venezuelan who lives abroad? Protect yourself against fraud

Venezuelan migrants have become an easy prey for scammers, due to the collapse of the migration systems and the difficulty of getting a job


Colombia: FARC congressmen take office, but with doubts about the future

10 congressmen assumed their roles in the name of FARC, but their continuity in the Duque government is not guaranteed

What does the constitutional change in Cuba mean?

With the drafting of a new constitution, the Caribbean country will introduce the figure of the president and vice president: how will the dynamics on the island change?

A problem of equality? Understand Guatemala's decision regarding femicide

The Presidential Secretariat for Women affirmed that the decision is a step backwards in the understanding of this problem

What the UN High Commissioner for Refugees saw coming: The Venezuelan crisis is arriving to Mexico

The number of refugee applications in the Aztec country has increased and Venezuela ranks second in asylum claims

Life sentence for child rapists in Colombia: On which side of the scale are you?

It is expected that in 2019 citizens can decide at the polls whether or not to impose life sentences for child molesters

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