Rio de Janeiro: Does a firm hand reduce crime?

The recent increases in insecurity in the State of Rio de Janeiro show that militarization is not an effective solution to control organized crime

Argentina kneels again to the IMF

After 15 years of non-existent relationship, the South American country once again requests a rescue loan from the international organization to overcome the crisis generated by the excessive public spending

Honduras: another country that is left without the Temporary Protection Status

The government of Honduras regretted that the USA has withdrawn the Status to its citizens, but thanked that it was kept for 20 years

Venezuela: The two sides of the Banesco Case

The Government of Maduro deprived of freedom to 11 directors of Banesco and intervened the bank for alleged irregularities, but this does not seem to be the full story

The European Union imposes a disguised visa on Latin Americans

From 2020 visitors from different countries, including 15 Latin Americans, must process this document to access

Paraguay: A history of dictatorships, political corruption, economic growth and drug trafficking

The political and economic history of the country is very similar to other nations in South America, although it is less well known






What did Honduras gain by moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

The Honduran congress approved the transfer in April, which brought a series of benefits for the Central American country

Ollanta Humala leaves prison but the Odebrecht investigation continues

The former president of Peru was imprisoned in 2017 when he was involved in a corruption scandal 

Which Latin American countries cancel diplomatic relations with Taiwan?

On Monday, April 30th, the Dominican Republic published a communiqué with China that shows the rupture with the Asian country

Is Latin America ready to fight against the illegal trafficking of people?

This illegal business produces 150 billion dollars annually worldwide

Is the Venezuelan government 'kidnapping' minors?

Several teenagers have been detained for more than four months for fomenting demonstrations against Nicolás Maduro and their fundamental rights have not been guaranteed

If you live in Latin America, how does the war in Syria affect you?

Although the region has little to contribute to the conflict, two countries could be in the eye of the hurricane


Alias 'Don Mario' and the legacy that did not die with Escobar

The justice system attributes crimes against more than 6,000 victims to the founder of the largest criminal organization in South America

What will happen to Castrochavismo without the Castros and Chávez?

The recent election of Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez as president of Cuba marks the official end of the Castro-Chavismo era in the Americas

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