NATO's flag

What Implication Does the New Treaty Between Colombia and NATO Have?

Colombia recently signed a new treaty with the North Atlantic Organization. Many Russian allies in the region view the new agreement between Colombia and NATO with suspicion

President Vladimir Putin

What Interests Does Russia Have in Latin America?

In the midst of the conflict in which Russia and Ukraine are involved, the Russians pay more attention to Latin America. Why?

Person placing a ballot in a ballot box

Elections in Colombia: Who are the Heads of the List for the Senate?

Legislative elections will be held in Colombia on March 13 and the different political parties are already clear about their intentions with the country ahead of these elections

Juan Orlando Hernández, Alberto Fujimori and Manuel Noriega

Juan Orlando Hernández Could Join The List Of Jailed Ex-presidents

Juan Orlando Hernández is the latest president to join the list of commanders-in-chief that go to jail after finishing their time in office

Open hand with pills

Opinion: The Deaths In Argentina Show The Need For Legal Drugs

A few weeks ago, more than 20 people died after consuming adulterated cocaine in Buenos Aires. These deaths cannot be in vain and it is time to regulate drugs.

President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele: From a Critic of Venezuela to a Partner of its Allies

The president of El Salvador has been criticized for the way his speech changed in relation to countries like Russia or China, strategic partners of regimes like the Venezuelan and the Nicaraguan. Will Nayib Bukele be the new friend of Maduro and Ortega?

Person offering bread to another person

Should we Worry about Hunger in Colombia?

The discussion of hunger in Colombia has once again been on everyone's lips due to the controversy over the FAO report

José María Figueres and Rodrigo Chaves

Why the Elections in Costa Rica are so Important?

A former president and a former economy minister compete to be the winner of the elections in Costa Rica

Ballot box

Infographic: Colombia: Everything you need to know to vote from abroad

Where and when to vote? What charges can you choose? Everything you need to know to vote from abroad.

Ingrid Betancourt and Juan Manuel Galán

Ingrid Betancourt and the faces of the post-conflict in the Colombian elections

In addition to Ingrid Betancourt, many other candidates were also victims of the armed conflict and today they are betting on democracy.

Pedro Castillo and Gabriel Boric

The difference between the left of Gabriel Boric and that of Pedro Castillo

In the last elections in Peru and Chile, the left has returned to power, although with many nuances between that of Gabriel Boric and that of Pedro Castillo

Playa de Punta del Este in Uruguay

Why is Latin America the Best Place to Retire?

According to International Living magazine, 6 of the 10 best places to retire this year are in the region. Why is Latin America the best place to retire?

Cabinet of the elected president of Chile, Gabriel Boric

Salvador Allende's Granddaughter and Other Surprises From Boric's New Cabinet in Chile

Among Boric's new cabinet is the presence of the socialist deputy Maya Fernández, granddaughter of Salvador Allende and who will be in charge of the Ministry of Defense.

Rodolfo Hernández

Opinion: Rodolfo Hernández, Colombian Bukele

One of the candidates for the presidency of Colombia with the greatest possibilities, Rodolfo Hernández, presents himself as the Colombian Bukele.