Alberto Otarola

Peruvian Prime Minister Defends State of Emergency Amid Rising Crime

Alberto Otárola, the President of Peru's Council of Ministers, stated in an interview published on Sunday that it was "too early" to label the declaration of a state of emergency in several districts of the country to combat public insecurity and organized crime as a failure, despite ongoing criminal activities causing deaths and armed attacks in these areas. Otárola emphasized that the evaluation of the state of emergency should be made after the 60 days ends and noted a reduction in crime in some districts of Lima Metropolitana.

Carlos Fernando Galán Pachón

The Colombian Territorial Elections Give a Wake-up Call to Petro and His Party

While it is true that the elections for mayors and governors should not be understood as a plebiscite on the Petro Government, among other things because the Historical Pact did not present its own candidates in many places, although it did support allies, today's results are a call to attention of the electorate.

Jovenel Moïse

Life Sentence for Retired Colombian Army Officer Involved in Haitian President's Assassination Plot

 This marks the second sentencing in a case involving 11 suspects detained and charged in Miami for their roles in a plot that unfolded in both Haiti and Florida, aimed at hiring mercenaries to either kidnap or kill the Haitian president.

Maria Corina Machado

María Corina Machado Emerges as Victor in Controversial Venezuelan Opposition Primary

The primary, organized by the National Primary Commission, drew over 2.4 million voters from within Venezuela and abroad to select a candidate to challenge President Nicolás Maduro in the upcoming election.

Hurricane Otis in Acapulco, Mexico

Aftermath of Destruction: Hurricane Otis Claims 27 Lives in Mexico

Mexico's Pacific coast was recently battered by the deadly force of Hurricane Otis, leaving a trail of destruction and 27 lives lost. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the devastating storm, the resilience of its people shines through in the face of adversity.

Amazon River Petroglyphs

Amazon River Petroglyphs: Unveiling Ancient Secrets Amid Historic Drought

The emergence of these ancient petroglyphs along the Amazon River's shores is a momentous discovery, shedding light on the prehistoric or precolonial history of the region. As researchers work diligently to unravel the mysteries of these carvings, the importance of preserving and respecting this archaeological site cannot be overstated.

 Francisco Barbosa

Colombia's Electoral Violence: A Threat to Democracy

In the lead-up to the upcoming elections in Colombia, the nation is witnessing a grim and alarming trend – political violence. At least seven candidates have fallen victim to targeted assassinations during the campaign, raising significant concerns about the state of democracy in the country. Against this backdrop of electoral violence, Colombia finds itself at a critical juncture where the very essence of democratic processes is under threat.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Colombian president Gustavo Petro

Xi and Petro Sign Cooperation Agreements and Agree to Elevate the status of their Relations

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Colombian President Gustavo Petro signed a series of cooperation agreements, solidifying their strategic partnership and reaffirming mutual trust, emphasizing the importance of expanding collaboration in various fields, including infrastructure, trade, green energy, culture, and law enforcement.

Maria Corina Machado

Escalating Threats Against the Opposition's Primary Process in Venezuela

Venezuela's opposition is grappling with intensifying challenges in a tense political climate. Threats loom over the recent opposition primaries, which saw a decisive victory for former legislator María Corina Machado. The nation's National Assembly, under Chavismo's control, has joined efforts to discredit the electoral process, yet these attempts have failed to shake Machado's resolute stance.

Raulf Almalki

Colombia Sends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

In a display of unwavering support and solidarity, a Colombian Air Force (FAC) plane is set to depart for Egypt with humanitarian assistance from the Colombian government and its people. This aid is destined for Gaza and will be delivered once access is granted.

Sergio Massa

Sergio Massa's Remarkable Comeback in Argentina's Presidential Elections

In a political twist that defied expectations, Sergio Massa secured a substantial lead in the first round of the Argentine presidential elections, marking a remarkable comeback in the face of adversity. His strategic prowess and a nuanced understanding of the nation's complex political landscape played a pivotal role in this stunning electoral upset.


Peru Gets Tough on Cellphone Theft: A Look at the New Penalties

The revised penal code stipulates that the theft of a cell phone will result in an initial sentence of 12 years in prison, with the possibility of an extended 30-year sentence if the offender employs a weapon or explosives during the act.

Alvaro Leyva and Carlos Argüello

Colombia and Nicaragua Embark on a Diplomatic Journey to Resolve Maritime Border Dispute

These diplomatic discussions can pave the way for cooperation, sustainable resource management, and the protection of the rights and interests of the local communities in the area, ensuring a brighter and more harmonious future for all.

Man arrested by a cop

Seeking a Path to Peace: International Collaboration to Tackle Ecuador's Rising Insecurity

As Ecuador grapples with its security challenges, exchanging knowledge, strategies, and best practices at the "International Meeting for Local Management of Citizen Security" in Quito this week is a significant step toward creating a safer and more peaceful future for the country and its people. It highlights the power of international cooperation in addressing the most pressing issues of our time.