Combo fiscal: the controversial reform of Costa Rica

After a social crisis in which Costa Rica was for 3 months, the tax reform was approved

Evo Morales: eager for power

The controversial Bolivian president goes for his fourth term in power, will he achieve it?

Do you know the problem in which Grupo Aval is involved?

In recent days the financial group Aval, has been involved in different scandals. In LatinAmerican Post we tell you more about it

Cyber Abuse: How is being handled?

Children are at risk of being harassed on the Internet, according to UNICEF. Some governments have already implemented strategies to combat this problem

These are the numbers of the Venezuelan exodus in Latin America

2.4 million Venezuelans have left their country to other Latin American nations, with Colombia receiving the most migrants

Brexit: Theresa May’s Achilles heel

Failing to reach a better Brexit agreement, May could lose power and leave his country at a disadvantage with the European Union


Who are the presidential candidates in Bolivia for 2019?

Although the elections will be held in October 2019, there are already adversaries that confront President Morales

5 corruption scandals that shocked Latin America

December 9 is the international day of the fight against corruption, these are some of the biggest scandals in Latin America

How do these 3 presidents end the year?

Macri increased his popularity but his negative image is high. Meanwhile, Iván Duque is the most unpopular leader in Colombia. What about other presidents?

Venezuela: The alternative of Latin American students

The offer of 20,000 scholarships to Colombian university students contrasts with the crisis in this country and the disagreements expressed by Venezuelan students

The Venezuelan ID: the new citizen pain

The Chinese company ZTE, helped to manufacture identification cards for Venezuela, which can track, reward and punish users

"Saying first lady is something from upper class": Beatriz Gutiérrez

Beatriz Gutiérrez wants to transform the role of the first lady of Mexico, contributing with all her academic background to the cultural growth of the country

AMLO: the National Guard would end Mexico's problems

The President of Mexico proposed the creation of a National Guard, an idea that still does not convince

Latin America: a dangerous place for women

According to the UN, nine women are losing their lives daily in Latin America

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