Colombia: Is cannabis a social and economic opportunity?

The coffee nation is one of the 23 states in the world with legislation on medicinal cannabis

Has radical Islam come to Latin America?

With the capture of the Cuban citizen and his alleged links to extremist groups, Latin America again asks about the likelihood of jihadist attacks on its territory

Chile: What are the goals of the new government?

Piñera will concentrate its presidential period on child protection and security reform

Colombia has regulated euthanasia for children and adolescents

The South American country is the third in the world to pass a sentence of this style in order to protect the right to dignified death

Brazil: Lula almost in prison

The Supreme Court rejected the first appeal of the former president of Brazil to avoid prison imprisonment

What can be expected from Henri Falcón’s presidential candidacy?

With the support of Torino Capital, Falcón will face Maduro in the elections for the Venezuelan presidency

Latin American women propose "She for she" campaign

They present an initiative to "promote good practices of support from woman to woman and to demand the commitment of solidarity among women"

Colombia: Violence against women activists, leaders and defenders

According to the Somos Defensores Program, "the homicides presented against women always show higher levels of violence, including sexual violence"

Brazil: the most uncertain elections since the return to democracy?

2018 comes with an electoral climate in Latin America that will represent a turning point, with Brazil as one of the representative cases

Domestic Violence and Latin American Women

Domestic violence rates directly correlate with the well being of the region's women 

Facts about poverty in Latin America

One out of five Latin Americans lives in chronic poverty 

Politics in Colombia: between love and hate

Representatives of Colombian politics have experienced emotional extremes during public events

America: a continent in decline in human rights protection

The USA was included this time due to the threat posed by the rhetoric of Donald Trump

Brazil: How does it combat violence?

According to local media research, every 10 minutes a person dies violently in the country

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