Did the legacy of Rafael Correa in Ecuador come to an end?

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office requires the former president to be linked to a kidnapping investigation

López Obrador's victory will change the way Mexico relates to the world

The success of López Obrador is not only a milestone in the history of Mexico, but represents a change in the relations of this country with the rest of the continent

This is what you need to know about how the presidential elections of Mexico and Colombia went down

The elections in Mexico and Colombia allow us to reflect on the electoral process that will take place in Brazil in October and on the state of politics in the region. Here you can get to know more about this

Venezuela’s crisis reaches this point: The suicide rate exceeds the world average

"In several areas of the country there is an increase in the number of suicides. Merida would be the epicenter" affirms the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence

This is the Latin American country that receives the most refugees

According to UN statistics, in 2017 every two seconds a person was displaced

Anti-corruption consultation: a tool that is little used because of its nature

Ecuador, Guatemala and Romania are the most recent cases of a consultation to fight corruption; Colombia will go to the polls next August 26

It is time for the left: What will happen in Mexico now that AMLO is president?

After 18 years of campaign, the candidate of the Morena party will begin to fulfill his electoral promises

What did Colombia's anti-drug policy fail?

Coca plantations expanded by 160% in less than five years. The United States called this increase "unacceptable"

Are the regional agreements failing to reduce the crisis in Venezuela and Guatemala?

Different organizations have described negatively the situation in Venezuela and Nicaragua, but their resolutions have no greater scope

Latin America: The LGBTI community and their struggle to defend their rights

Despite progress and achievements, Latin America is still far from fully guaranteeing the rights of the LGBTI community

Ricardo Anaya: The "machine man" who wants to be president

In case of winning the presidential elections, Anaya promises to return security and peace to Mexico

Why is the LGBT community afraid of the new government in Colombia?

Iván Duque has received broad support from the most conservative and religious sectors of the country, which generated alarm within the LGBT community

"El Bronco": A presidential candidate victim of the violence in Mexico

Get to know why Jaime Rodríguez was nicknamed "El Bronco", a term that speaks of his strong character

Argentina: "The only way to move our country forward is by working", Minister of Finance

On June 25, Argentine workers carried out a national strike in opposition to the economic policy exposed by President Mauricio Macri

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