Guatemala: The struggle to eliminate corruption

Although the situation has improved compared to previous years, the figures are alarming in the Central American country

Brazil: Why was a state declared in "vulnerable conditions"?

These have been the consequences of the Venezuelan crisis in the largest country in South America

Chile: 10,000 signatures to prevent the visit of Maduro and Castro

The constant violations of human rights caused by these presidents motivated the movement

Can Peru forbid the assistance of Nicolás Maduro to the Summit of the Americas?

Peruvian Chancellor informed his Venezuelan counterpart that the president would not be welcome at the Summit. What does the Public International Law say about the decision?

Temer seeks to regain control of Rio de Janeiro through the army

The extraordinary presidential decree is given after the governor asked federal aid after Rio Carnival

Argentina: Fighting insecurity or just responding with more violence?

Macri's administration created a new security doctrine that seek to combat drug trafficking and terrorism within the country

Fast train Panama

Panama: Deal with China will develop a cross-country railroad

The international project also foresees the construction of a high-speed train which will travel at 160 kilometers per hour


An ageless war: this is the reality of child recruitment in Colombia

"By persuasion and coercion, guerrilla and paramilitary groups strengthened their armies with minors", says the National Center for Historical Memory

Venezuela: clashes between soldiers and miners leave 18 dead

The east of Venezuela, as part of the Orinoco Mining Arc, has become a constant scene of clashes over the control of the area

Immigration Chile

Chile: How to approach the immigration boom?

The main political blocs agree that the immigration policy requires an urgent overhaul, but they differ in the scope of concrete measures

Cuba: Why have there been 330 arbitrary political-detentions?

CCDHRN reports that every year, more than 5,000 people are deprived of their freedom due to political reasons

Chile: Death penalty for child rapists?

The rape and murder of a 23-month-old baby opens the debate on the death penalty in the South American country

Rex Tillerson: "It's urgent to restore the democratic order in Venezuela"

The US Secretary of State closed his tour of the Latin American region in which he thanked the support for the pressure against the Venezuelan regime

Argentina: Violence without control in Rosario

Two families dispute control over drug dealing, while putting the city at risk

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