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Is It Convenient to Regulate Drugs?

The regulation of drugs, especially cocaine, is a debate that increasingly permeates public opinion. Would it be convenient for the countries to go along this line?

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How Did Latin America Go From the COVID-19 Crisis to Being the Most Vaccinated Region in the World?

In LatinAmerican Post we detail what are the keys to the high rate of immunization against COVID-19 in Latin America

Group of people during a protest in Chile

Political Pendulum in Latin America: A Trend to the Left

In Latin America, the democratic transition and political pendulums are something normal and we should not be scared of them

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CAN Eliminates the Use of Roaming: How Will It Work?

After the CAN eliminated the use of roaming, all Colombians, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, and Bolivians who travel to any of these countries will be able to use their telephone line without having to worry about international rates.

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This will be the minimum wages in Latin America for 2022

The continent is waiting for the announcement of minimum wages for next year, as it is a key decision for the economy. Get to know some of the Latin American salaries for 2022

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Infographic: This Is What The Presidential Candidates Of Colombia Studied

Engineering, economics and law are some of the professions that the presidential candidates of Colombia studied

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Vacation Periods for Latin American Congressmen

At the end of the year, many governments shave recesses. This is how long or short are the vacation periods of Latin American congressmen

Laurentino Cortizo, Luis Lacalle Pou and Pedro Castillo

The Best Governments In Latin America In 2021

These are the Latin American governments with the economies that grew the most and the best vaccination results against COVID-19

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The Future Of Education In Latin America

Right now education in Latin America is not special. During the pandemic many countries were unable to move towards online education which was a big issue

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Events that will be news in 2022 in Latin America

The arrival of Gabriel Boric to power in Chile only serves as the eve of a tight electoral calendar that is coming up for next year. These are the events that will be news in 2022 in Latin America

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The Reasons Why Gabriel Boric Won In Chile

The 35-year-old former student leader is the first president since 2005 who is neither Sebastián Piñera nor Michelle Bachelet

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Which Countries In Latin America Have Economic Sanctions From The United States?

Economic sanctions have become the US Government's preferred diplomatic pressure mechanism. Find out which Latin American countries are currently suffering these fines

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Marta Lucia Ramirez and Epsy Campbell

Gallery: The Most Powerful Women In Latin America In 2021

Xiomara Castro leads the ranking of the most powerful women in Latin America this year

France Marquez Mina

Francia Márquez: "Political Hegemony Has Not Allowed Us To Live In Dignity"

The presidential candidate for the Historical Pact Francia Márquez spoke with LatinAmerican Post about the role of women in Colombian politics