Venezuela sinks into darkness

As a result of the problems of the main hydroelectric power plant in the country, Venezuela has suffered a major blackout

Latin America: 4 women who sweep in politics

Who said that high positions in politics were reserved only for men? In LatinAmerican Post we show you the most influential women in the region

Paraguay: the US Army has arrived

Before an extraordinary session, the Chamber of Senators approved the US military stay in Paraguayan territory

What the arrival of Juan Guaidó to Venezuela left

After finishing his tour on South America, the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, managed to enter the country

Nicaragua: Can Ortega solve the crisis?

Since last Wednesday, President Daniel Ortega is in a dialogue table trying to mediate the crisis

Discover the 5 best countries in Latin America

A list revealed the best countries in the world, which are the best in our region?

PROSUR to the detriment of Latin American regional integration

PROSUR will function as the OAS right-hand man and assist in the disappearance of the strength of regional integration

Venezuela: How much can Cuba lose with the political crisis in the Bolivarian country?

Chavist government's overthrowing in Venezuela would be a cataclysm for the island, since the Cuban government has been the main ally of the Venezuelan regime

Latin America: sexist violence is still common among young people

Destroying prejudices and stigmas about women is one of feminism's goals to reduce gender violence in the region

The Venezuelan crisis and the meeting of the Lima Group

In response to the weekend, the Lima Group met in Bogotá to discuss the Venezuelan situation

Absurd measures: Venezuela says goodbye to Colombia

In the middle of the chaotic day of Saturday Nicolás Maduro decided to break relations with Colombia, what repercussions will there be?

Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro faces his first government crisis

A corruption scandal, derived from the alleged irregular financing of his party in 2018, generated the first crisis of Jair Bolsonaro's government

Venezuela: What happened with the humanitarian aid and what is the country's future?

14 dead, almost 300 injured and a panorama of more scarcity for its citizens suggest a possible military intervention

Jorge Ramos was arbitrarily detained in Venezuela

According to Univisión, the group of six journalists was held at the Miraflores Palace on the orders of Nicolás Maduro

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