Gustavo Petro and André Manuel López Obrador

Mexico says Colombia's Petro to join Migration Summit

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that his Colombian counterpart Gustavo Petro will attend a regional summit to discuss ways to encourage people to stay in their home countries instead of joining the flood of U.S.-bound migration.

Protest in Venezuela

Venezuela's Primary Election and the Urgent Need for Change


Venezuela's primary presents an opportunity for the opposition to articulate their vision for the future and engage with an electorate desperately seeking change.

Gustavo Petro

Petro's Stance Towards Israel And The War in Gaza Opens a Diplomatic Crisis

Specialists analyze Petro's position towards Israel and try to foresee the possible consequences of his statements

Gabriel Boric

Boric in China: Both Countries Strengthen Ties And Support “Independent Development” Of Each Country

These were the topics that Boric discussed in China. The Chilean president was there within the framework of the III Forum of the New Silk Roads

Daniel Noboa

Daniel Noboa Will Have a Brief Mandate in Ecuador Focused On "Security And Employment"

Daniel Noboa was the winner of the last presidential election in Ecuador. These will be the focuses of his short mandate

The president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDC Court), Ricardo Pérez Manrique

The Inter-American Court is "optimistic" About Human Rights in Colombia

This is what the president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights said, and highlighted the importance of the current state of human rights in Colombia

Couple watching a cell phone

New MSMEs in Cuba: The rebirth Of An Economic Management

Cuba approved 192 new MSMEs, almost all private, and there are now 8,951 in two years

Romel Guzman in a garden at the facilities of the Institute of Food Science and Technology of the Central University

Flour As An Inclusive Food, a Scientific Project From Venezuela

Venezuelan scientists are investigating the production of a new type of flour to democratize the arepa, the most consumed food in Venezuela

Daniel Noboa and Luisa González

González And Noboa Dispute An Election With A Shortened Period, But Transcendental For The Future

Today González and Noboa are competing for the presidency of a very short period in the presidency of Ecuador


From Drug Lord For The United States To Decorated For Mexico: AMLO Recognizes The Work Of Cienfuegos

López Obrador defended this Thursday the former head of the Mexican Army accused of drug trafficking by the US, Salvador Cienfuegos

people on the street

Fiscal Gap And Insecurity: The Challenges That The Next President Of Ecuador Will Have To Face

Economic decline and high rates of violence await the next president of Ecuador, who will be decided this Sunday in anomalous elections

Citizens dance during a protest, on October 11, 2023, in Guatemala City

Chronicle: This Is How The Protests In Guatemala To Demand Prosecutor's Resignation Go

Today will be the eleventh day of protests in Guatemala. Since the elections, the country has faced strong polarization over their legitimacy. Today, protesters defend their vote and ask for the resignation of the prosecutor

Haitians on the border with the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Reopens Trade With Haiti, Which Decides To Keep Its Border Closed

After almost a month of having closed trade with Haiti due to the water conflict with this half of the island, the government of the Dominican Republic reopens it

Llanquiray Painemal, Josefa Sánchez and Ninari Chimba

Columbus Day?: Three Indigenous Women Explain the Disputed Narrative About October 12

Colombus Day is increasingly controversial. Reflections on colonization and indigenous genocide have changed the tone of this date. Here, three indigenous women explain what they call "a disputed narrative"