Luis Inazio Lula da Silva

Brazil On Israel And Palestine: Lula Urges To Promote Humanitarian Intervention

Lula urges to promote an "international humanitarian intervention" in the Middle East to protect the children of Israel and Palestine

Gustavo Petro

What Diplomatic Implications Do Gustavo Petro's Statements Have About Israel And Hamas?

Former Colombian foreign ministers criticize Petro's position on Israel and Hamas in a statement. These are the diplomatic implications that, from their perspective, Petro's statements may have

Hurricane Lidia in Mexico

Hurricane Lidia In Mexico: These Are The Figures So Far

One death, overflows and floods leave the path of Hurricane Lidia in western Mexico

Senator Iván Cepeda (i) and Otty Patiño (d), members of the Colombian Government delegation, and Pablo Beltrán

The Delegations Of The Colombian Government And The ELN Meet For The First Time In Bogotá

For the first time, the peace delegations of the Government of Colombia and those of the ELN meet in Bogotá. This meeting takes place between the fourth and fifth cycle of peace negotiations

Dina Boluarte

State Of Emergency In Peru: Why And Where?

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, declared the center of Lima in a state of emergency last Thursday. Today, other districts of Lima join this situation to combat insecurity

The candidate Javier Milei (i) greets the candidate Sergio Massa

Second Debate: This Is The Panorama Of The Elections in Argentina Two Weeks Before

The Argentine electoral campaign is going for the KO after two rounds without many points. This is the panorama of the elections in Argentina two weeks before the elections.

Candidate Luisa Gonzalez wearing bulletproof vest

With Bulletproof Vests And Military Escorts, Ecuador Faces Its Most Violent Elections

One week before the second round voting, the two candidates for the presidency of Ecuador have reinforced their security scheme. These have been the most violent elections in the history of Ecuador

Members of the negotiating table with the ELN

Colombia: Assemblies To Define The Role Of Civil Society In The Peace Agreement With ELN Began

This Friday the first of thirty meetings began in which the mechanisms of civil society participation in the peace agreement with the ELN will be discussed

 Juan Guaidó

Arrest Order For Juan Guaidó And Antonio Ledezma: Political Persecution In Venezuela

Anti-Chavismo denounces "persecution" after the arrest orders for Juan Guaidó and Antonio Ledezma, exiled opponents

Woman raising her hand

Exceptional Regime in El Salvador: This Is How State Violence Against Women Has Intensified

The National Health Forum said this week that state violence against Salvadoran women has intensified within the framework of the emergency regime. This happens after the rape of a girl by a group of soldiers in the center of the country

Torchatón in Bogotá

Elections in Colombia: Opponents And Local Candidates Meet To Reject Petro Government

Opponents and local candidates gathered this week in Bogotá in rejection of Petro Government, which also carried out, this week, an act of public forgiveness for the so-called "false positives"

Luisa González and Daniel Noboa

Final Stretch Of Elections In Ecuador: This Is The Panorama a Week Before

We are already just one week away from the elections in Ecuador. Here we give you a summary of what González and Noboa's electoral campaign was during this week

Alvaro Uribe

Álvaro Uribe, Will He Go To Trial?: This Is How The Witness Tampering Case Goes

Former President Álvaro Uribe assured that he will be called to trial for witness tampering.

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela And The US: New Immigration Agreement For Air Deportations In The Midst Of The Crisis

Venezuela confirmed the signing of a migration agreement with the US for air deportations.