US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

Yellen Sees Women as Necessary to Boost Mexico's Economic Growth

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasizes the vital role of women in boosting Mexico's economy and integrating North American supply chains, particularly amid the trend of companies relocating to the region, during his meeting with young Mexican students.

Colombia's bill

Colombia Must Reduce Expenditures by $5.7 Billion to Adhere to its 2024 Fiscal Rule

Facing a significant budget cut in 2024, Colombia confronts preserving fiscal stability while unlocking its latent economic potential amidst financial uncertainties.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (l) and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Lula and Scholz promise "not to give up" and continue promoting EU-Mercosur negotiations

At a crucial high-level German-Brazilian meeting, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addressed the complexities of the EU-Mercosur trade deal amid global economic uncertainties. 

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Brazil Takes OPEC Observer Role to Balance Oil and Climate Goals

In a strategic move, President Lula of Brazil declares the nation's intent to join OPEC+ as an observer, focusing on renewable energy advocacy and economic growth.

Cecilia Alemany

The Uruguayan Debt to Women Due to the Pandemic Amounts to 2 Billion Dollars

During the pandemic, Uruguay racked up a staggering $1.996 billion in debt to women, highlighting gender economic disparities in work, unpaid work, and unfulfilled state benefits.

Luis Arce, President of Bolivia

Mercosur Expansion as Bolivia Joins South American Trade Bloc

Bolivia's accession to Mercosur marks a significant shift in South American trade dynamics, with regional integration and implications for international trade relations.

Javier Milei

Argentina's Milei's Diplomatic and Economic Pivot

President-elect Javier Milei's U.S. visit marks a strategic shift in Argentina's foreign policy and economic recovery plans, with crucial talks at the White House and IMF.

Arrow pointing upwards above some coins

Mexico's Central Bank Eyes Rate Adjustments in Response to Inflation Trends

According to insights shared by board member Jonathan Heath, Mexico's central bank is closely monitoring inflation dynamics and could consider making interest rate adjustments by February or March 2024. Heath emphasized that a significant factor in this decision would be the trajectory of core prices, highlighting the central bank's commitment to achieving its inflation targets.

General view of the fourth EU-Cuba Human Rights Dialogue

EU Envoy Urges Human Rights Improvements in Cuba Amidst Sanctions

In a recent diplomatic engagement, a European Union (EU) envoy has expressed apprehensions that the sanctions imposed by the United States are exacerbating the human rights situation in Cuba.

Military feet

Peru plans to allocate the highest budget in 12 years for order and security in 2024

The government of Peru plans to allocate a record budget of 16,213 million soles (approximately 4,335 million dollars or 3,973 million euros) for public order tasks over the next year.

Xi Jinping and Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou

Uruguay and China Strengthen Economic Ties for Trade Opportunities

Uruguay and China have embarked on a transformative journey of economic cooperation, signaling a significant shift in the South American nation's approach to global trade.

Woman smoking near a door

Cuba's Unfolding Economic Crisis Leads to Essential Shortages

Cuban officials have taken to the nation's television screens in recent weeks, painting an increasingly grim picture of their country's deepening economic crisis.

Javier Milei

Impact of Milei's Presidential Win on YPF and Financial Markets

Javier Milei's presidential victory in Argentina has triggered a surge in the stock market, with YPF shares rising over 40%. His bold economic plan promises significant changes for the nation's economy.

People struggle to get some fuel at gas stations

Armed Gangs Cause New Fuel Crisis in Haiti

The resurgence of armed gang conflicts in Cité-Soleil, north of Port-au-Prince, has triggered a fresh fuel shortage in Haiti's capital, compounding the ongoing socio-political and economic crisis marked by recurring fuel shortages.


The IMF Renews a Credit Line of 35 Billion Dollars for Mexico for Two Years

The IMF renewed Mexico's $35 billion Flexible Credit Line for two more years, highlighting the country's solid macroeconomic policy framework and institutional strength.

Agreement between Ecuador and the Dominican Republic

Ecuador and the Dominican Republic Launch Trade Talks

Ecuador and the Dominican Republic Launch Trade Talks Ecuador and the Dominican Republic Launch Trade Talks.

cuba street

Cuba Seeks Overseas Investment Amid Economic Crisis

Cuba aims to engage its growing expatriate community for investment to revitalize its economy, which is facing severe shortages and the worst downturn in decades.

Business meeting

Peru Unveils Stimulus to Revive Economy Amid Recession Woes

Facing recession, Peru launches a bold 24-point stimulus plan, targeting investments to reenergize its faltering mining-centric economy.


Latin American agri-food costs 1.2 billion "hidden" dollars, according to FAO

Latin America's current agri-food systems carry hidden costs of at least $1.2 billion for health, the environment, and society, according to a groundbreaking UN-FAO analysis covering 154 countries. The report points to Brazil and Mexico at the top of this costly regional ranking, with implications for global health and sustainability efforts.

Roberto Campos Neto

Brazil's Central Bank Lowers Interest Rates: Balancing Inflation and Growth

The Central Bank of Brazil has announced a significant reduction in its primary interest rate by 0.50 percentage points, now at an annual 12.25%, marking the lowest level in 16 months. This move reflects a complex interplay between curbing inflation and stimulating economic growth in Latin America's largest economy.