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The Devaluation of the National Currency Is Increasing the External Debt in Latin America

Currency devaluation and external debt are wreaking havoc on the economy of Latin American countries, a region that lives in constant trouble

Franca Ovadjé

Franca Ovadje Leads Equality for African Women

Meet in The Woman Post Franca Ovadje the Afro-descendant woman who leads the new world with the issue of gender equality for women in Africa.

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Why Is the Price of the Dollar Increasing in Latin America?

The price of the US currency is breaking records in several countries. Why is the dollar rising?

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7 Tips To Improve Your Finances

Not only by saving and measuring expenses do you balance your finances. 

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All-time Low Euro: the Latin Countries That Will Suffer The Consequences

With the low price levels of the euro, compared to the dollar, these are the Latin countries that may suffer the most

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Courageous Women Who Fight for the Future of Their Families

Girls learn from women their behaviors, attitudes, and work and family commitments because they are the changes and transformations of the future.

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Europe Cries Out For Venezuelan Oil Thinking Of Winter

French President Emmanuel Macron calls for sanctions on Venezuelan and Iranian oil to be lifted

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Infographic: The Latin Countries Most Affected by a Recession in the United States

Rumors of a possible recession in the United States would have devastating economic consequences for several countries in Latin America

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How does the price of the Ruble affect Latin America?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to leave marks, not only in both nations, but throughout the world. Against this background, the ruble is through the roof

Gabriel Boric and Pedro Castillo

Did Gabriel Boric and Pedro Castillo Drive Away Foreign Investment in Chile and Peru?

The recent leftist governments in Chile with Gabriel Boric and in Peru with Pedro Castillo can give an idea of how foreign investment has behaved

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Generation Z and the Future of the Economy

A series of studies reveal that Generation Z will lead the world's economy. They will transform the economy, and other generations will have to adapt.

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Education Versus Unemployment? Women Concern

The impact that professional women have had in search of a job has been substantial. The worst thing is that female unemployment has existed for some time.

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OXFAM: The Pandemic Creates 1 Billionaire Every 30 Hours. Why Happens?

According to the international agency OXFAM, every 30 hours, the pandemic creates 1 billionaire and, at the same time, sends 1 million people into extreme poverty

Banknotes from Paraguay, Costa Rica and Colombia

Gallery: Money in Latin America. The Most Beautiful Banknotes in the Region

Coins and money in Latin America are a reflection of the cultural, natural, and historical riches of each country. These are some of the cutest bills in the area

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The World Needs To Activate a Different Economy for Women

The constant struggle of women to join political and economic life has been intense in many aspects because beliefs, personality traits, attitudes, behaviors, and even values that are different in men than in women are required.

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MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022 Event: Women in the Crypto World

Meet in The Woman Post, the most coveted event by women this year. MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022 reflects women's interest in cryptocurrencies.

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Effects of Pandemic on Older Women

Although the socioeconomic impact of the COVID pandemic was extensive to all of the world's population, older women were significantly affected.

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Labor Day: The Working Day in Latin American Countries

Within the framework of International Workers' Day, it is necessary to analyze the labor situation in Latin American countries compared to the rest of the world

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Infographic: The Most "Agile" Countries In Latin America

In economics, the term agile has been used to highlight countries that have the greatest probability of adaptability to different circumstances. These are the most agile countries in Latin America

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Obstacles Women Face in the Gender Pay Gap

Women face barriers in leadership every day, such as lower-paying jobs, incompatibility with professional development, self-worth, glass ceiling, corporate ignorance, and direct discrimination.