China: An ever changing economy

China: An ever changing economy

The Asian country’s annual growth has decreased substantially in the past years. Will it affect Latin America? 

Latin American Oil market

Substantial shift in the Latin American Oil market

Free market strategy boosts Mexican national revenue

Colombia and Cuba turism

Colombia and Cuba coming together for a bright new future

Both governments are seeking ways to work together and attract new tourists

Mauricio Macri

Are Macri’s policies working for Argentina’s economy?

The last few years haven’t been easy for Argentina. However, under Mauricio Macri’s presidency, credibility and optimism are restoring economic growth.

Brazilian economic crisis

The Brazilian economic crisis persists

Corruption accusations have finally reached the president Michel Temer and it seems as if the pursuit of economic stability will suffer.

Venezuela's debt

Venezuela's options to repay debts

After a deep recession and low crude prices hit output and prompted Caracas to seek funds from China and Russia.

Bolivia must adjust to economic lean years

The boom that Bolivia enjoyed during the last 10 years has given way to a downturn and the country must now adjust its economy to the lean times that are just starting

Heavily indebted Puerto Rico files for bankruptcy

In doing so, the island’s authorities resorted to the so-called Title III provision of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act

Fiscal performance in Latam is starting to improve

In much of Latin America and the Caribbean, fiscal performance is set to improve from this year, after a period of sharp deterioration in recent years

Mercosur, Pacific Alliance and Trump

Mercosur and Pacific Alliance summit will address potential convergence and Trump's protectionism

Venezuela: land of wanting

Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism - Venezuela's Breakfast Now Costs More Than A Day's Work

Uruguay's budget deficit 4% of GDP in 2016

Uruguay's budget deficit reached 4% of GDP during 2016, equivalent to US$ 2.043bn, the worst performance since 1989, according to the latest figures released by the government's stats office, INE.

Chile’s jobless rate near year low, self-employment rises

Some 80,000 jobs were created in Chile last year. That compares to 200,000 jobs created when the economy of the top copper exporter was booming in 2011.

Cuba's economy contracts in 2016

Castro condemns “obsolete mentality” against foreign capital, as economy contracts. In his speech, Castro appealed to a combination of foreign capital investment and austerity to bring about the 2% economic growth

Argentines mark 15th anniversary of economic crisis

On Dec. 19, 2001, De la Rua declared a state of emergency, but the unrest only grew and on the night of Dec. 20, he abandoned the presidential palace by helicopter.

Brazil’s state governors try to resolve financial crises

Of the 27 states in the Union, 20 are in the red with public debts totaling over R$56 billion.

Peru government to battle opposition over sales-tax reform

Peru’s government has signaled that it will reject a law from the opposition-controlled Congress to ease terms of tax payment for small and medium-sized businesses.

Brazil Sees Record-Breaking Trade Surplus in 2016

From January to October, Brazil registered a trade surplus of $38.5 billion, an all-time high and more than three times larger than the same period in 2015.

Praise befalls Argentina once more, IMF is impressed

Mauricio Macri’s economic reforms are extremely popular abroad, is the praise well deserved? Or is it coming from biased sources?

Argentina's economy further contracts in 2Q

Argentina’s recession deepened in the second quarter as President Macri’s efforts to implement free-market reform exacerbated an already flagging economy. GDP fell 3.4% from the same period a year earlier

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