Domestic migration: an increasingly common phenomenon in the US

Domestic migration in the US is a normal phenomenon, but more and more people move from one state to another in search of better income for their businesses

Argentina will own the G20 agenda

Between November 30 and December 1, Buenos Aires will host one of the most important economic forums in the world

What can you buy with the minimum wage in Latin America?

The lowest minimum wage in the region is Venezuela's, while the highest is the Argentinian. But what can we buy with them?

Venezuela: is it a good option not using the dollar?

Leaving the dollar behind may be a way to face the sanctions of the United States. But how much will it cost to Venezuela the adjustment?

What are the new economic sanctions of the United States against Venezuela?

The US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, promised a strong line against Venezuela. They will attack the gold sector

Colombia: Duque's new taxes could trigger inflation

The proposal of a series of taxes on food products of the basic basket could harm Colombia's strict control over inflation

Is printing money abroad the solution for Latin American countries?

Many countries choose to produce their bills in other latitudes because it is an expensive and delicate process, some others have different reasons

Venezuela is among the three countries with the worst risk assessment

The sanctions imposed on Venezuela, and the failure to pay, are the reasons why their credit rating took a strong blow this year

This is the millionaire debt China was hiding since 2008

China would be advancing infrastructure projects with unsustainable loans, they never declared this debt and now represents 60% of Chinese GDP

Colombian Economic Outlooks for 2019 Remains Rosy, Despite Mounting Pressures

Let's take a quick look at the overall economic situation in Colombia

Contagious effect: Can we blame our neighbors for our recession?

Countries such as Greece, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela are called to respond for the poor performance of the economy in their region

Latin America: Which are the countries that have the most external debt?

In nations with fragile economies, indebtedness causes governments to spend more money than they can. Debt is the norm in Latin America

Nobel Prize in Economics: A victory for the environment

Two US economists won the Nobel Prize in Economics for their contributions to sustainable economic growth

Latin America in figures: The problem of public spending inefficiency

The region has suffered due to mismanagement of national budgets, costing around US $ 220,000 million annually, according to the Inter-American Development Bank

Brazil: What are the economic proposals of the presidential candidates?

5 candidates speak out about privatization, corruption, pension reform and the size of the state, key issues that concern a stagnating economy

Latin America: These are the unemployment figures so far

The latest report from the International Labor Organization predicted a reduction in the unemployment rate in the region for 2018. But has that really been reflected?

Brazil: What would happen to the economy with Paulo Guedes as minister?

Jair Bolsonaro confirmed that he would name the renowned liberal economist in case of winning the elections on October 7

This is why dollar is so expensive in these countries

Several Latin American currencies have suffered a devaluation against the dollar in recent months, but it not only has to do with domestic policy

Latin America: Is the Argentine crisis contagious?

The devaluation of the peso against the dollar has not only had a strong impact within the country, but also it resonates in Latin American

Argentina crisis: The strategy to end the fiscal deficit

The measures also include a 50% cut in investments, demonstrating that the Macri government already has an urgent need to balance the State's accounts