Moon Knight Character

Moon Knight: All You Should Know About the New Marvel Superhero

Moon Knight will be the next UCM character with his own series. Who is it? Which actor will play him? Where can you see it? Know all the details!

Still from the film

"The Lost Daughter": Complexities of Motherhood in Hollywood

How complicated is motherhood? Hollywood has also answered that question with hundreds of films, and the acclaimed "The Lost Daughter" is one of those.

Fotograma de la película 'Scream (2022)

Scream 5: A Return To Form

One of the most popular franchises of recent times has released its fifth film. Here are our impressions of Scream 5.

Official poster for the 'YellowJackets' series.

Review: Why Is Everyone Talking About Yellowjackets?

Yellowjackets is a television series that is causing hype in the world. We tell you the reason for its success.

Photos of the protagonists of Spiderman (Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) with the suit of his character

Fans want “Spider-Man 4” and "The Amazing Spider-Man 3": What Are the Chances?

The possible continuations of the sagas starring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield drive fans crazy. Are there chances for "Spider-Man 4" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 3"?

Frames of movies 'Safer at Home' y 'Geostorm'

Are We Living In Them? 5 Movies Set In 2022

2022 is a year chosen by some directors to set their stories on the big screen. How close are their visions? Here are 5 movies set in 2022

Disney movie Encanto

No surprises: Why is the Oscar guaranteed to "Encanto"?

From now on we can make the declaration that "Encanto" will be the winner of the Oscar for the best-animated film

¿Are women leading the awards season?

The film awards season in 2022 has a peculiarity: women in an increasingly leading role. Here we review the favorites for the Oscars.

House of Gucci and Encanto

We Predict The 2022 Oscar Winners

There are several candidates for the 2022 Oscars. Find out who are the ones who can win!

Euphoria season two

“Euphoria” Season 2: How Are Mental Health and Drug Issues Portrayed Today?

After about two years of waiting, this HBO drama returns with a second season loaded with excesses. This is how adolescence is portrayed in "Euphoria."

Still from the film 'Matrix Resurrections'

8 Movies You Must See If You Liked "The Matrix Resurrections"

Have you seen "The Matrix Resurrections" and want more? Here are these 8 must-see movies you're a Matrix fan

Still from Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Special: Return to Hogwarts

Review of Harry Potter 20 Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts

We bring you the review of Harry Potter 20th anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, the HBO production that celebrates the 20 years of the first film

Posters of the films 'When fate catches up with us', 'The day after tomorrow' and 'War of the worlds'

Beyond "Don't Look Up": 5 Movies About the End of the World

Regarding the success "Don´t look up", we present you the best films about the end of the world

Still from the movie 'Death on the Nile' and cover of the book 'Heartstopper'

Five Best-Selling Books We'll See On Screen In 2022

"Death on the Nile", "Hearstopper", "The Lord of the Rings", "Red, White and Royal Blood" and "Sandman", are some of the books that we will see on the screen in 2022

Still from the series 'Vikings: Valhalla' and 'House of the Dragon'

These are the 5 Most Anticipated Series for 2022

Next year will have a very interesting catalog of new productions that you should know. Here we tell you which are the most anticipated series for 2022

Still from the series 'Ted Lasso'

Ted Lasso: Review Of An Amazing Comedy

This series has been one of the most nominated for the Golden Globes. What are its virtues and why should you watch it? This is our review of Ted Lasso

Still from the films 'Scream', 'Uncharted' and 'Lightyear'

These are the 7 Most Awaited Movies of 2022

With a new year just around the corner, expectations continue to rise with the arrival of the most awaited movies of 2022

Still from 'The White Lotus' and 'Succession'

These Are The Best HBO Series Of 2021

With the launch in Europe and Latin America of HBO Max and the success of its series, HBO is gaining more and more relevance in on-demand television

Still from the productions 'The Green Knight', 'The map of the perfect little things' and 'Cruel Summer'

These are the 5 best Amazon Prime productions of 2021

This year is coming to an end and it is time to take stock, Jeff Bezos' platform continues to position itself as a streaming service desired by users. These are the 5 best Amazon Prime productions of 2021

Still from the productions 'Harry Potter 20th Anniversary', 'Rebelde' and 'Neymar: The perfect chaos'

Happy 2022! The 7 Most Anticipated streaming Premieres for January

New year, new movies and series. 2022 begins and, together with it, the platforms will present the most anticipated streaming premieres for January