Frame from the video game 'The Last of Us'

"The Last of Us": What You Need to Know About the Video Game to See the Series

“The Last of Us” is the series of the moment. We explain why it is not entirely necessary to play the video game to understand it

Still from the film 'The Spirits of the Island'

Review of "Spirit of the Island": Existential Crisis on an Irish island

Nominated for nine Oscars, including Best Picture, Martin McDonagh's new black comedy navigates existential angst from the sudden breakup of a friendship. This is our review of "Spirit of the Island".

Stills from 'All That Breathes', 'You', 'Sharper'

The 7 Most Anticipated Premieres of Streaming Platforms for February

Don't know what to watch on your favorite streaming platform? Don't worry. Take a look at our monthly guide and find out which will be the most anticipated releases for February

Still from the movie 'The Kings of the World'

"The Kings Of The World" And The Social Responsibility Of Cinema

An interview with Carlos Andrés Castañeda, who plays Rá from "Los Reyes del Mundo", has sparked controversy over the alleged irresponsibility of the natural actor by Laura Mora, director of the film.

Still from the movie Babylon

Review of "Babylon": the Harsh Reality of the Hollywood Industry

Hollywood has remained in the collective imagination as the Mecca of cinema, a magical and perfect place, but this film portrays without censorship, with humor and rhythm, the other side of that world. Here is our review of "Babylon"

Still from the film 'Noise'

Review of "Noise": how to narrate the disappearance in today's Mexico?

The new movie released on Netflix revolves around a very important theme, but it did not manage to land it in the best way. This is our "Noise" review.

Still from the films 'The decision to leave', 'Nope!', 'She said'

These Are the 5 Great Absentees of the Oscar 2023 Nominees

Despite receiving critical acclaim and box office hits, the latest works by directors like Park Chan-wook and Jordan Peele were left out of Hollywood's biggest night. Here we show you which are the absent films of the 2023 Oscar nominees

brendan fraser

Brendan Fraser, An Actor Who Rises From The Ashes

After winning the 2023 Critics Choice Award for Best Actor, Brendan Fraser has taken a new lease of life on his acting career. Will this resurgence be enough to fight for an Oscar award?

Everything everywhere at the same time, The Spirits of the Island, Elvis, Tár

The 7 Most Nominated Films For The Oscars, How To See Them?

The Oscar nominations are ready with the best that the cinema left last year. Here we indicate how, when, and where you can see the movies.


Artificial Intelligence In The Cinema: 4 Films That You Cannot Miss

The cinema amazingly portrays some of the ways in which technology can turn against us. Here we take a tour of Artificial Intelligence in the cinema through 4 films.

artificial intelligence hand

Artificial Intelligence: Opportunity or Threat for Entertainment?

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in the artistic world and although for some it facilitates various tasks, others maintain their reservations about it

Still from the film 'The Patient'

Review Of "The Patient": An Intense Psychological Thriller About A Murderer And His Therapist

A murderer locks a prominent therapist in his basement and makes a peculiar demand: that he help him stop killing. The series, available on Star +, stars Steve Carell. This is our review of "The Patient."

Still from the movies 'Karate Kid', 'Beetlejuice', 'Constantine'

5 Movie Classics Sequels that Will Make People Talk in 2023

2023 will be a Key Year for Some Sequels to Movie Classics that will be Announced or Released this year, such as the Long-awaited "Gladiator 2"

Still from the series 'The Last of Us'

Review of "The Last Of Us": a Series that Perfectly Adapts the Video Game

The adaptation of the video game "The Last Of Us" is everything fans expected. Find out why it's such a high-quality series in our review of "The Last Of Us."

Frame 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery'

Review "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery": A Mystery That Reveals The Obvious Of Our Society

Rian Johnson arrives with a new mystery to solve for detective Benoit Blanc after the success of "Knives Out". Read our review of "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery".

Still from the movie 'M3GAN'

"M3GAN" Review: The Fear of Technology Is Real

In a world where technology surprises us more and more, this film shows us the most sinister side that many do not want to see. Here is our review of "M3GAN".

Frame from the movie 'Kings of the World'

The Kings of the World, Directed by Colombian Laura Mora

Just a week after this film is on the Netflix platform, it is already one of the most watched, at least in Latin America.

Still from the film 'A strange world'

“A Strange World” Review: A Well-Intentioned Film that Falls Short

The New Disney Studios Movie is Edgy in Some of its Themes, but Falls Short in its Execution. This is Our Review of "A Strange World"

'Star Wars: Episode IV', 'The Godfather'

5 Movie Classics That You Can Watch On Streaming Platforms

Did you know that there are several classic movies that can be enjoyed on the main streaming platforms? Discover them here.

Frames from the 'Bridgerton 3' and 'Loki 2' series

The Most Anticipated Series for 2023 on Streaming Platforms

If 2022 was the year of the return of several series after the pandemic, 2023 will be the year that will consolidate some sagas and put the streaming giants in competition. These are the most anticipated series for 2023