Can we still identify with Ellen DeGeneres?

After 15 years and a lot of professional success, Ellen Degeneres returns to the stand up comedy format asking if her audience can still identify with her

Top 5 of the highest-grossing films of 2018

The continuation of old sagas and superheroes movies were the movies that most liked in the cinemas

Gabby Rivera: the Latina behind Marvel Comic’s superheroine

Gabby Rivera used the strength of the Latin woman as a source of inspiration for the writing of the history of America Chavez, a superheroine out of the ordinary

These are the winners of the Golden Globes

We bring you the list of winning series and films of the Golden Globes, and we show you where you can watch them

Tito Lombana: life beyond the sculptor

The smiling Lombana, the documentary that portrays the artist's life of the sculpture "The old shoes" of Cartagena, will be on theaters January 17 in Colombia

The 10 best films of 2018

In this second publication of the best films, we present which are, in our opinion and that of some critics, the best of 2018

Top 10 best films of 2018 (part 1)

We present you, in our and some critics opinion, the best films of 2018

Juan Carlos Tinoco: Thanos has a Colombian voice

The outstanding barranquillero dubbing actor has worked for almost three decades playing various characters in the film industry

8 movies about New Year to watch on January 1

Do you want to stay in your bed after the New Year's party? We recommend these films for you to receive 2019

You can't see, speak and hear: three films that test your senses

Escaping from apocalyptic entities or a lurking killer, these three films will shake your senses

We did not see it coming! 6 amazing plot twists of our favorite series

We bring you the list of some plot twists that took place in our favorite series this year and that left us frozen

Top 7 of Latin American films released in 2018

We present the Latin American films that marked this year that ends and that we must remember over time

HBO, Netflix and more: what's coming in 2019?

We show you 10 releases that come in 2019 on the main channels and streaming platforms

Ciro Guerra is back in the Oscars

The Colombian filmmaker was nominated for his latest production, Pájaros de Verano. Guerra has become the only Colombian to achieve these recognitions

5 movies to watch in 2019

Be ready for these new films, which will be in the theaters next year. Here is the list

This romantic Netflix movie will have sequel

The video confirmation makes official that this success will have a second part, do you know what movie we are talking about?

Manolo Cardona plays the real James Bond

Claro Video has released "Rubirosa", a series that portrays the life of the versatile Dominican playboy, the inspiration for James Bond

From animation to reality: Why is Disney making live-action remakes?

"They are not stupid and they know that it would be complicated and, at the same time, very risky to make remakes of the classics in the same field of the animation in which they were born": Edmon Roch

117 years of Walt Disney's birth: 7 facts about his work

On December 5, 1901, Walt Disney was born. On the date of his birth we remember his life and work

5 Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

Recharge yourself with the spirit of the festivities with these five must-watch films

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