Still from 'The White Lotus' and 'Succession'

These Are The Best HBO Series Of 2021

With the launch in Europe and Latin America of HBO Max and the success of its series, HBO is gaining more and more relevance in on-demand television

Still from the productions 'The Green Knight', 'The map of the perfect little things' and 'Cruel Summer'

These are the 5 best Amazon Prime productions of 2021

This year is coming to an end and it is time to take stock, Jeff Bezos' platform continues to position itself as a streaming service desired by users. These are the 5 best Amazon Prime productions of 2021

Still from the productions 'Harry Potter 20th Anniversary', 'Rebelde' and 'Neymar: The perfect chaos'

Happy 2022! The 7 Most Anticipated streaming Premieres for January

New year, new movies and series. 2022 begins and, together with it, the platforms will present the most anticipated streaming premieres for January

Villains from the movie 'Spider-Man: No way Home'

Spider-Man: No Way Home: Which Characters Returned?

The return of Tom Holland's character to the big screen brought a bunch of familiar faces back to the franchise

Still from the movie 'Spiderman: No Way Home'

Spider-Man No Way Home Review: Reality Is Never What It Seems

The film starring Tom Holland surprises with audacity never before seen in Marvel. This is our review of Spider-Man No Way Home

Still from the productions 'Cruella', 'What If' and 'Luca'

These Are The Best 5 Disney Plus Productions Of 2021

Disney Plus stood out in 2021 for offering a large number of high-quality audiovisual productions. We are our favorite five

Still from 'The Squid Game' and 'Who Killed Sara'

A Year Of Ups And And Downs: These Are The 5 Best Netflix Productions Of 2021

2021 concludes for Netflix with a series of ups and downs, but with the satisfaction of having met some goals. Here we summarize the year of the streaming giant

Frame from the movie 'Spide

Could You Become a Spider-Man Villain With Current Technology?

Although it is a fictional world, superheroes like Spiderman often face villains who have advanced technology

Still from the series 'Friends' and 'Modern Family'

7 famous Christmas Episodes of the Most Watched series

If you are a fan of Christmas, you will surely remember and enjoy the Christmas episodes of these series that have marked generations

Frame from the film 'Memoria'

What Latin American Films Have The Best Chance Of Being Nominated For The Oscars?

What will be the Latin American films with the highest chances of being nominated for the Oscars? Here we tell you all the information you need to know

Frame from the movie 'Chichipatos: What a Christmas chimba!

5 Latino Movies to Watch in December

The end of the year can be a perfect time to see some Latino movies that will make us think. Here we recommend the best you can find

Catalina Estrada

"Encanto" Interview: How To Illustrate Colombia?

Renowned Colombian illustrator Catalina Estrada exclusively reveals which character in the movie "Encanto" has a special connection with her, and describes her contribution to this Disney mega-production

Still from the series 'La Casa de Papel'

Review "Money Heist 5": Goodbye to the Band, Hello to the Resistance

Season 5 of "Money Heist" put an end to one of the longest and most methodical heists in history. This is our review

Still from the film 'Maya and the three'

Maya And the Three: Netflix's Animated Series About A Warrior Indigenous Princess

The production is inspired by the Mesoamerican indigenous culture and creates a story full of adventure and fantasy. We recommend you see "Maya and the three"

Protagonists of the movie 'Sex and the City'

Everything You Need To Know About The "Sex and the City" Reboot

HBO Max will bring to the small screen the reboot of "Sex and the City", one of the stories that most fell in love with hundreds of people in the nineties

Star Wars movie frame

Hollywood and the Omicron Variant: 5 Movies That Have Predicted the Future

Have you ever thought about the movies that have predicted the future? Here we tell you some of them, like the one that predicted (kind of) the Omicron variant

Still from the movie 'Encanto'

"Encanto": A Portrait of Colombia that does not ignore the Armed Conflict

Encanto, the new Disney production, has Colombia as the protagonist and where magical realism, music and some quite particular characters steal the eye in this new film. This is our review

Still from the film 'House of Gucci'

"House of Gucci": A Great Work On Power And Social Differences

The new film starring Lady Gaga shows the history of the Gucci family in a spectacular way. We tell you everything you need to know about House of Gucci

Still from the productions 'La Casa de Papel' and 'Matrix Resurrections'

The 8 Most Anticipated Streaming Premieres for December

2021 is on it's last weeks and the different streaming platforms will present several interesting releases. Check out the most anticipated streaming premieres of December!

Movie poster 'The French Dispatch'

"The French Dispacth" is a Love Letter to Good Journalism

With "The French Dispatch", Wes Anderson demonstrates his love for good journalism, literature, France, and, as always, simple but powerful stories