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The best Latin American series and documentaries on HBO (part 1)

Do you dare to see these great productions?

Alejandra Melo, Director of CMMC's Center for Innovation for Sustainability

8 movies about classical music that every music lover should see

Enjoy this selection of films where the central theme is classical music


Latin American productions you should see on Netflix

We present you an unmissable list of movies and series

Pedro Pascal, Verónica Castro and Juan Pablo Raba

Latin American actors and actresses that you can see on Netflix (Part II)

How many artists do you recognize from this second installment?


Carmel: the series of the most intriguing murder in Latin America

The murder of María Marta García Belsunce was a shocking event for Argentina

Checo Perez, Amanda Nunes, Neisi Dajomes

Latin American actors and actresses that you can watch on Netflix (Part I)

Latinos continue to "invade" the streaming platform

Cover of the book 'The Female Brain'

Why watch Dignity, Amazon's new Chilean series?

Co-produced with Germany, it addresses the abuses committed in the German enclave Colonia Dignidad, in the south of the Latin American country

Still from the movie 'Super Mario Bros. The Movie'

Be amazed with the new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries

Netflix has released the second installment of the new season of this iconic series

Crew members of the Artemis II mission

Lady's gambit: the new series on everyone's conversations

The Queen's Gambit is positioned as one of the Netflix series of the moment, let's see the causes of its success

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One Piece: the secrets of the best anime available on Netflix

The arrival of One Piece to the Netflix Latin America platform represents a considerable increase in the popularity of anime

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Creator of The House of Flowers will premiere new miniseries

It will be a story of appearances, homophobia, and family ties, set during Franco's Spain

Artificial Intelligence

Everything we know about Selena: the series

Here is everything we know so far about the biographical series that Netflix is preparing

Photo of the Copa Libertadores

Everything we know about Vikings: Valhalla

The long-awaited sequel to the main Vikings story already has some interesting information. Let's see what we know

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All about the arrival of Disney + to Latin America

Find out the opening date, available content, price, and technical requirements of the platform that promises a revolution in digital content

James Webb Telescope

Best zombie movies to watch on the Day of the Dead

Here are our favorites on this topic


Everything we know about the Matrix 4

The unexpected continuation of the story created by the Wachowski sisters could be really important for the future of cinema


Best Netflix releases for November

Here's what you can't miss on the streaming giant this coming month

Women working together

October special: 6 horror classics from Mexican cinema

On the eve of Day of the Dead and Halloween enjoy these Mexican horror classics

Still from the film 'Thelma'

October Special: Female revenge movies

We continue with the most spooky of our specials

Manos de una persona

The best actors who don't use stuntmen

While we are used to most actors using other people for stunts, some choose to do everything on their own