Still from the movie 'The Worst Person in the World'

Review of "The Worst Person In The World": a new youth

The new film by Joachim Trier has already premiered on Latin American billboards. This is our review of "The Worst Person In The World"

Shang-Chi, Yelena Belova and Dane Whitman

Marvel Phase 4: What to Expect from the New UCM Characters?

Marvel Phase 4 is Just Getting Started and We've Already been Introduced to Some Amazing New Characters. Who are They and What to Expect from Them?

Frame from the movie 'Dr. Strange 2 - Into the Multiverse of Madness'

Dr. Strange 2: the Most Original Movie of Marvel

The new film, directed by Sam Raimi, is a success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We tell you what are the strengths of "Dr. Strange 2"

Still from the series 'Who Killed Sara?' and 'Elizabeth'

5 Latin American Series you Should Watch if you Liked "The Marked Heart"

The Colombian Series "The Marked Heart" has Positioned itself in Less than a Month as One of the Most Watched Spanish-language Productions in the World. We Recommend 5 Series that you Must See if you Liked this Great Series.

Still from the series 'Heartstopper' and 'Generation'

About Heartstopper: The 4 Best LGBT Series for Teens

We Present you the Best LGBT Series for Teenagers now that Netflix's hit Heartstopper was Released

Character 'El Muerto' and Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny As "El Muerto" Will Try To Conquer Hollywood

Bad Bunny is on the road to conquering Hollywood

Still from the series 'Pálpito'

Pálpito: the New Colombian Netflix Soap Opera that Everyone Is Talking About

We bring you the review of "Pálpito" the new Colombian soap opera on Netflix

Stills from the productions 'The Staircase', 'Super Pumped' and 'Obi-Wan Kenobi'

May 2022: The 7 Most Anticipated Releases on Streaming Platforms

What are the most anticipated releases for May? Here we tell you and on what streaming platforms you can see them

Still from Dumbledore's Secrets

Beyond The Secrets of Dumbledore: 9 Prequels You Can't Miss

Regarding the premiere of The Secrets of Dumbledore, part of the Universe of Harry Potter, we recommend other interesting prequels to watch

Still from the movie 'The Northman'

Review: "The Northman" and The Folkloric Cinema of Robert Eggers

The film "The Northman" is the third production by Robert Eggers, a young director who has redefined the way of making movies with his passion for folklore.

Netflix app on an iMac

Netflix Loses Subscribers: Errors and Successes of the Platform

For the first time in history, the Netflix streaming platform loses subscribers. What is happening?

Diomedes Diaz

"Diomedes: the Idol, the Mystery and the Tragedy" Shows Its Three Faces

The Netflix documentary covers the life of the "Cacique de la Junta" without neglecting the tragedy of Doris Adriana and its implications. This is our review of Diomedes: the idol, the mystery, and the tragedy

Still from the documentary 'Tiny World'

World Earth Day: 5 Documentaries To Appreciate It And Raise Awareness

"Explorer: The Last Tepui" will be the big premiere this 2022 to commemorate World Earth Day. Here we tell you more about it in addition to 5 other documentaries that you cannot miss.

Still from the series 'Stranger Things 4'

Stranger Things: Why Nostalgia is Effective in Television and Movies?

The trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things shows that we love nostalgia and that we consume products that appeal to this feeling

Still from the tv show 'Bridgerton'

Bridgerton: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

After a record-breaking first season, viewers were expecting if the new storyline would live up to expectations. Now it shows that the Bridgerton brothers can offer a variety of stories that will make people fall in love with their relationships.

'I am Betty, the ugly one', 'The Office' and 'Fashion Intern'

Back to the Office: Best Workplace Comedies

We recommend these comedies about the work environment to make the return to the office more enjoyable

Cover of the documentary 'Jeffrey Epstein: Disgustingly Rich' and 'Neymar: The Perfect Chaos'

The 5 Best Documentaries About Celebrities To Watch On Netflix

With regard to the premiere of "The mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The unreleased tapes", we present a list of the 5 best documentaries about celebrities that you can watch on Netflix

Frame from the movie 'Die Hard'

5 Movies to Celebrate Bruce Willis' Film Career

Following the unfortunate news that he suffers from aphasia, actor Bruce Willis announces that he is retiring from acting. We review five fundamental films from the filmography of this Hollywood icon

Still from the movie 'Fantastic Beasts 3: Dumbledore's Secrets'

Fantastic Beasts 3: The Definitive Harry Potter Prequel?

Fantastic Beasts 3, the prequel to Harry Potter, is released, which seeks to further explore the wizarding world. Will it ever achieve a similar impact to the original tapes?

Still from the documentary 'Maidan' by Sergei Loznitsa

8 Films to Understand the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

These films show different perspectives that allow us to understand what is happening in Eastern Europe in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict