Disney announced the calendar of its films until 2027

Disney confirmed all the films it will make in the coming years. Among them, there is a new trilogy of Star Wars and four more movies of Avatar

How much do you know about Disney?

If you are a Disney fan, measure your knowledge with this quiz

Controversy at Cannes: Alain Delon and the petition against his award

The Cannes film festival already has a long history of controversy. The last one is the critique towards the honorific award that was granted to Alain Delon


YouTube quits the competition against Amazon and Netflix

The platform announced that now its original series will be available for free as of 2020

The portrait of a psychopathic artist in 'The House that Jack Built'

In a comedy key, the last film by Lars von Trier shows different episodes in the life of Jack, an American serial killer who always get away with muder

'Case Colmenares': the unsolved crime that Netflix adapted

The second part of the series Crime Diaries: Night Out caused controversy when talking about a topic as recent and unresolved as it is the 'Case Colmenares'

Everything you need to know about El Marginal 3

El Marginal will have a third season. Here we will show you all the details of the new part of San Onofre's prison drama

MUICA: a contact with African cinema

The traveling African Film Festival launches its third version and will reach the screens of cities such as Cali, Bogotá, Cartagena and Buenaventura during the month of May

Childhood and the fable in "El tamaño de las cosas"

The second short film by Carlos Montoya, winner of the Generation K Plus special prize, premiered at Tonalá Cinema as part of Bogoshorts Sessions


Netflix is not enough for you anymore? Meet these streaming platforms

Even though its content library is huge, Netflix has a limited offer from which you can escape with these streaming platforms


Netflix's Our Planet: are we already immune to environmental documentaries?

Netflix has launched its new documentary series: Our Planet. How effective are these documentaries in the conscience of caring for the planet?

This will be the Latin American presence in Cannes

The official selection of one of the most important European film festivals has already been released. Here the Latin American projects chosen by the fifteen juries

Marsha P. Johnson or a documentary about friendship

The death and life of Marsha P. Johnson, of Netflix, explores the events surrounding the death and possible murder of the trans and veteran activist of Stonewall

Game of Thrones: the main differences between the books and the series

The new and final season of Game of Thrones is already in progress, but the books still do not reach this stage. We present you the main differences between the books and the series

Films that influenced our wardrobes with their looks

Some films have such a worked and polished costume design that they have influenced our wardrobes. Here some classics that created some fashion trends

'Chilling adventures of Sabrina' and the new adolescence

The second season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered on Netflix last week. Here our first impressions

5 musical documentaries that you can watch on Netflix while you wait for Beyoncé's

Taking into account Homecoming's trailer release, which documents the path of Beyoncé in Coachella, we bring you this list of musical documentaries on Netflix

RuPaul's Drag Race: why is it so influential?

With 11 seasons, 4 All Star's and more than 20 Emmy nominations, RuPaul's Drag Race has become one of the most important television shows

Everything we know so far about the new Joker

The official poster and the trailer for the new Joker film has already been released. Here's all we know so far about it

Shazam!: the 'real' Captain Marvel looking to beat Aquaman

With Shazam!, DC seeks to continue reinforcing its cinematic universe after the recent success of Aquaman, which has returned them to the competition