Juanes, Morat and Mon Laferte

8 Must-seen Latin American albums in 2021

Productions by artists such as Camilo, Juanes, Rauw Alejandro, Mon Laferte, Natalia Lafourcade and Morat, among others, stand out for us among the highlights of this year

Camilo and Rage Against The Machine

The most anticipated concerts in the post-pandemic

These Are the Most Anticipated Concerts For the Post-pandemic World

Natalia Lafourcade, Prince Royce and Maluma

5 Latin American Artists who have Found Worldwide Success Singing in other Languages

The music industry is undoubtedly one of the most competitive entertainment sectors. Fact that has generated changes in the positioning strategies of various artists who have decided to reformulate various authentic aspects of their music such as language

Billie eilish

Happier Than Ever: Billie Eilish's Amazing New Album

The American singer, who is on the billboards all across the planet, released her second studio album full of great songs. Join us to get to know it!

Claudia Baez

Claudia Báez: Living Life Without Ties

The creator of the musical project Juana Tumbao lives with her mother and the cat that she found abandoned in a parking lot that she named Félix.

Trade ad for Beatles' 1964 Grammys

Why Is International Beatles Day Celebrated?

The Beatles changed pop culture and music forever. Today we commemorate the band and examine why they are still relevant.

Tania Moreno and Oscar Forero

World Rock Day: Women on Stage

The participation of women in the musical stages has always been full of good vibes and a lot of talent.

Lina González, Conductor of the New York Philharmonic

Lina González, the First Colombian Woman To Conduct the New York Philharmonic

Lina González, is the first Colombian woman to lead the New York Philarmonic.

Photo by artists Séssi and Micro TDH

On the radar: The future new stars of Latin music

New artists continue to emerge in various corners of Latin America seeking to conquer the industry. Will these six Latins make it?

Smartphone with playlist on Spotify

Unmissable 2021 Pop Albums in Your Favorite Playlist

There are plenty of pop singers' tracks playing on the radio, but only a few of them are making history.

Members of the Herencia de Timbiquí and San Miguelito groups

5 modern artists who are the guardians of traditional Colombian music

With talent and love for their land, a select group of artists work through thick and thin to preserve the life of traditional Colombian music

Olivia rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo: A Teenager Making a Difference in the Music Industry

You probably have heard her hit song drivers license. But who is Olivia Rodrigo and how is she achieving groundbreaking records at such a young age?

Ruben Blades

Rubén Blades: Person of the Year 2021 in the Latin Grammys

The Panamanian singer will be honored for his artistic and social achievements in the 22nd edition of the event

Artist Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny's awesome plans in 2021

The singer continues an unstoppable year and now aims high with his new facets

Members of the band Twenty One Pilots

Scaled And Icy: An Excellent Pop-Influenced Twenty One Pilots Album

One of the most eclectic and successful groups of recent years has released an exceptional album that their fans and the general public have long awaited.

The Weekend at the 2021 Billboard ceremony

The Weeknd's Greatest Hits: The King of the 2021 Billboard Music Awards

The Canadian's material includes a solid graphic proposal and is produced by Kevin Parker

Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, and Little Mix

Women Dominated the Biggest Night of British Music

On the night of May 11, 2021, the highest music award ceremony of the United Kingdom occurred as part of the research on the safety of crowded events after massive vaccination.

Cover of the album 'Daddy's Home' by St. Vincent

Daddy's Home: St. Vincent's Great New Album

The American multi-instrumentalist is seen as one of the best pop-rock artists today, to the point where she is considered the "female David Bowie"

Nathy Peluso and María Becerra

Women Who Have Marked Milestones in Urban Music

There are many women who are having great success in the urban music genre. Let's meet some of the most important ones.

Group of people at a protest

Protest songs that shook all of Latin America

The history of many Latin American countries can be perfectly described with music. Here we present some songs that have sounded strong in social crisis