The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is no longer in

This event is one of the most important in the fashion world and always paralyzes the whole industry. But is it really that amazing?

The solution is marching peacefully

In the legitimate use of social protest as a tool to demand the fulfillment of our rights, may the peaceful march live!

Has the anti-drug policy failed?

The main policy of governments to counteract the illicit drug trafficking has been prohibition. Has it worked?

Lewis Hamilton: Can he equal Fangio and Schumacher triumphs?

After his fourth title in the last five years, the British driver and the Mercedes team have established a hegemony in Formula One

River vs Boca: the final that will shake Latin America

Today will be the first match at La Bombonera, and as has been the custom since 2013 between these two teams, there will be no visitor fans

Maduro: the undesirable guest to AMLO's possession

AMLO would be incoherent and would give a bad message to Mexicans and the world by allowing Nicolás Maduro to be in his presidential possession

The Amazon trembles with Bolsonaro

The president-elect of Brazil announced during his campaign the merger of the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment

WhatsApp chain messages: an enemy out of control

Three recent cases of WhatsApp chain messages have claimed the lives of innocents in some parts of the world. Find out here more about it

The political center should not dehumanize or divide

The political center, in the implementation of its ideas, need to be coherent, collective and must respect the other

Are you afraid of technology and its advances?

Are you afraid of technology and its advances or does the issue worry you? Read the following

Are we less intelligent because of technology?

The power of technology is infinite, but many claim that our IQ decreases as a result of new inventions

Is the narco theme over-exploited in the cinema and television?

Some love it and others can not even see it. The truth is that the content on drug trafficking has taken the big and the litlle screen, was it enough?

Series in Latin America: the 'prostitution' of reality

The recreation of the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares, is part of the new puzzle of television: the ridicule of violence in real life

Amazing! The Chiefs and the Rams certainly surprised us

The Chiefs and the Rams are not the favorites to win the Super Bowl, but they are consolidating in the NFL


Outrageous! Odebrecht will participate in an Anti-Corruption Summit

The Brazilian construction company will participate in the Third Andean Anticorruption Summit that will take place from October 23 to 24


Haddad neglects the importance of reducing public debt

Bolsonaro is a toxic, homophobic, and sexist speaker, but he seems to know how to face the great problems of the Brazilian economy

Stop criticizing reggaeton! Even Beyonce loves it

Many love it and many hate it, but the truth is that reggaeton has taken over the world. Here I tell you why

Siria: Russia takes over the country

Russia gains ground to the US over Syria, while the regime of Bashar al-Assad continues to repel the rebel troops

Why should marijuana and poppy be legalized in Mexico?

Legalize marijuana and opium poppy is a great alternative to combat drug trafficking

This is the panorama of women if Jair Bolsonaro is elected president

Bolsonaro is a candidate that promotes sexism, inequality and violence. This leaves Brazilian women in a panorama full of uncertainty