This is the worrisome message that Bolsonaro leaves to democracy

The contempt for minorities and women, as well as the glorification of the military dictatorship promoted by Bolsonaro, is a call to reflection on democracy in Latin America

The VAR takes over the Champions League! Why did it take so long?

The VAR continues taking giant steps to join all the tournaments organized by FIFA and its affiliates

The favelas in Rio de Janeiro: where violence is normal

Rio de Janeiro is one of the Latin American cities where social inequality is more than evident

When fashion empowers ideas

Even those who believe they are out of fashion are immersed in it. I think that this can be, then, a political manifestation. Here I tell you why

Brazil: ¿Will the extrem right party and the antidemocracy take over the country?

The continuation of the Brazilian ultra-right at the hands of Bolsonaro could aggravate and delay the democratic processes in our region

Basketball World Cup 2019: the new era of FIBA?

The association hopes that their World Cup is no longer seen as the second one, losing to FIFA'S World Cup

In the UN General Assembly different topics were left out

The assassination of leaders in Colombia and the crisis in Argentina, among other short-term issues, had little relevance during the 73rd UN General Assembly

Colombia and the justice reform: Who will receive the benefits?

Two bills were introduced in recent days, but there are doubts around these

Trump's double standars at the UN

The president of the United States was the laughingstock of the General Assembly of the United Nations, due to his controversial speech

Froome, Thomas and Yates: A new record in world cycling!

The United Kingdom broke a new record: three cyclists from this nation triumphed in the three great competitions of world cycling

Stop sport hunting!

In Colombia, this practice is still legal so the Attorney General seeks to prohibit sport hunting

The good, the bad and the ugly of Davis Cup

The idea of the group Kosmos of Gerard Piqué became a reality. But the tennis world has not approved it. We review the positive and negative aspects of this proposal

After Cristiano Ronaldo: Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale's era is here

Since the Portuguese star left Real Madrid, the two players have been decisive in the team

From love to hate: This is the guilty pleasure of telenovelas

The soap operas are trendy again - if they ever ceased to be - but why are they still a guilty pleasure?

SOS: This is how Maduro tries to divert attention from the crisis in Venezuela

In recent days, Nicolás Maduro has given statements that show that the country is in an SOS state and that only seek to divert attention from the crisis

Caribbean Season: An obsolete competition that doesn't want to disappear

Colombia, Panama and Nicaragua will be able to participate in the 2020 Caribbean Season to be held in Puerto Rico, a bet with which this competition seeks not to disappear

Why has not integration been possible in Latin America?

In Latin America, the integration processes have not fulfilled their objectives and the region remains fragmented

Colombia: What will happen after the capture or death of alias "Guacho"?

The drug trafficking's fight continues against one of the most recognized faces of FARC's dissidence

Venezuela: Beyond a political crisis

Not being enough with the humanitarian crisis and the natural catastrophes that Venezuelans are going through, they also have to endure xenophobia abroad

Film awards: The absurdity of gender categories

Better leading actress? Best Supporting Actor? I do not agree with the division of film awards by gender. Find out here why