This is how the racist landscape of Latin characters in animated films has changed

Has Disney really advanced in terms of representing Latino characters?

Digital advertising could be our ally

Not everything is bad about the arrival of the digital age, now we can choose what kind of advertising to see

The double moral of Latin American politics

The speeches condemning acts of corruption and violence are increasingly repeated, but governments do not denounce those they commit

The reason why Cuba and Mexico are the only ones winning the Central American Games

The XXIII edition of the games in Barranquilla culminated without surprises, since the two mentioned countries finished 1st and 2nd in the medal table

What is known about Duque's pension reform: it does not attack the main problem

Only one in four Colombians is pensioned, so the goal should be to increase coverage, but also cut subsidies

The challenges that the new Colombian Government will face

On August 7, in the Plaza de Bolívar in the city of Bogotá, Iván Duque Márquez became the new president of the of Colombian Republic

Nicaragua opposes receiving the OAS commission

For the Nicaraguan government, the OAS should keep away from the internal crisis. Once again the organism is weak  facing a crisis in the region

On Ernesto Macías's speech: Fighting the President of Colombia's Congress hatred with figures

In an inauguration ceremony during which the most interesting part was the discourse of hatred by the President of the Colombian Congress, what remains is too many questions

Which Latin American technical directors will coach National Teams in the 2019 Copa América?

Jorge Sampaoli and Juan Carlos Osorio are no longer with their National Teams: Argentina and México. On the other hand, the future of Ricardo Gareca and José Pékerman is uncertain

If Adidas and Disney do it, why not you?

More and more companies are taking measures to reduce the environmental impact they produce

Trump vs Rouhaní: could the tension escalate?

The president of the United States responded to Iran with a threatening tone. Is it of concern?

Everything you need to know to understand the uncontrollable crisis in Nicaragua

100 days have passed since the protests began and although there are more than 300 dead and 2,000 injured, the riots seem far to end

The U.S. aims to counteract the political and economic progress of Russia and China

The strategy of Donald Trump's government is for the United States to be "great again" by strengthening the economy and closing the military breach

The vinyl comes back! The possibility of enjoying music again as before

There are ways to listen to music for all tastes, and fashion will always be a factor

Believe it or not, Latin American countries often do not support their best sports

In Venezuela, baseball, and in Colombia and Argentina, soccer, are not the most successful sports

Who said that animation is only for children?

Brad Bird's comment that 'The Incredibles 2' is not a children's movie made me think: Is animation really a medium aimed at a children's audience?

The American dream is overrated

Can the American dream be a euphemism for the slavery of the 21st century or a strategy to flourish the economy of the great world power?

Nicaragua: The failure of the revolution?

It is difficult to combine economic stability together with profound social reforms and that is what the regimes have failed to understand

How could I change something that does not satisfy me and that harms the environment?

Large multinational companies, no matter how powerful they may be and governments, however arrogant they may be, must change

Being a singer today: talent or beauty?

To be a singer, without a doubt, one should have talent, or that is what one expects as a spectator, but why is it necessary to be beautiful?

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