Superman figure.

The 5 worst videogames in history

The world of video games has exquisite titles, but also others that displease everyone. Let's look at the 5 worst games ever.

Computer displaying statistics and charts.

No one is alien to the financial markets

The phrase "my outer world reflects my inner world" here becomes tangible .

Person holding a cell phone with the Pokémon Go game.

The 5 best Pokémon games, from worst to best

The world of Pokémon is more alive than ever. Knowing this, we decided to make the top 5 of the best games in the franchise.

Harvey Weinstein and Placido Domingo.

Weinstein case ends and other news of the week

We bring the summary of the week on issues of the entertainment world.

Couple eating spaghetti.

Do you only feed your body?

If, as people say, we are what we eat, the food we provide to our mind also defines us as human beings.

Woman with expression of sadness.

The terrors inflicted upon women: what they have told me

Things happen to women more often than we all may think

Woman counting bills.

Bravo, entrepreneurs women!

Not only has the number of women entrepreneurs increased, but also the number of companies that are being led by women .

Vegetables displayed in a supermarket.

Why do people become vegetarian?

It's not just stop eating meat, it's a stir of life that will impact your inner and outer world

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and frame of the movie 'Birds of Prey'.

Miley and Liam and other relevant entertainment news

As usual, we bring the five most relevant news from the entertainment world.

Person on top of a mountain.

Your mind is the secret of your success

It is first from the inside that you can transform or attract what you want outside.

Hezbollah supporters participate in a demonstration to commemorate al-Quds day in Beirut, Lebanon.

Venezuela: Is Hezbollah in Latin America?

According to the US secretary of state, the terrorist group has a presence in the Caribbean country.

Person working on a computer.

Let's stop demonizing Network Marketing

Why so much skepticism? Why do we still have fear when someone talks about marketing networks? Could it be that we have not understood it?

Protests in Santiago, Chile.

Latin America is waking up

In this new year in the Latin American region, countries like Peru, Colombia, and Chile are waking up from the mental lethargy exerted by oppression.

Person watching a painting in a museum.

We need appropriation of entertainment and art

Recreation and use of free time have become a difficult luxury to acquire and free tickets are not used as they should .

Students attending a university class.

Colombia: Accessing higher education is not an easy task for deaf people

The inclusion as a guarantee of fundamental rights of the deaf population in Colombia is nothing more than a utopia for the majority.

Man and woman sitting on the floor of a cabin.

Do you know how the new relational schemes work?

There is not a single relationship model, each connection, with one or more people, has its uniqueness.

Young man lying behind study books.

Where is the quality of life for young people?

That impoverished mentality that tells us that winning the exact thing for the needs or sometimes less, is still perpetuating, is fine

Woman holding a measuring tape around her waist.

Saying goodbye to beauty standards

What used to be seen as a flaw is now where the most valuable is found; what's different is no longer seen as bad but, on the contrary, it is appealing.

General Assembly

Is the UN becoming obsolete?

“The new world is no longer in this General Assembly, but in the place where this photo will go”, Nayib Bukele

Nariño Palace in Bogotá.

World Democracy Day: Colombia, on the verge of becoming a regime

Can we seriously consider a country in which political leaders die, more corruption scandals are uncovered and media outlets censored, like a true democracy?