Controversy and censorship are not necessary in all of the TV and film industry

Although it is difficult for many to accept, this industry is driven by political, economic, social, and cultural interests

How far will Instagram go?

IGTV is the new Instagram feature that becomes the direct competition for YouTube

In Latin America there is no theater industry

One week after the most important theater awards in the United States, I wonder: why is there no equivalent to the Tonys in any Latin American city?

Would Nicaragua become another Venezuela?

Nicaragua and Venezuela face a social outbreak due to the illegitimate presidents who govern them, placing them in the eye of the OAS

Nicaragua wants to be like Venezuela using social reforms

Despite the relative stability of Nicaragua, the malaise generated by the economic reforms, the censorship of press freedom and the increasing non-conformity with the guidelines of national policy begin to give indications of a crisis that could be assimilated with the Venezuelan one

'France Football', when will you apologize to Franck Ribéry?

The sports magazine apologized to Andrés Iniesta for never giving him the title of 'Best Footballer in the World'. Fans in social networks demanded the same action towards Franck Ribéry

Priests, targets of violence in Mexico

In less than a week, in different parts of the country, two members of the Catholic church were killed

What does the future have in store for Rafinha, James and Vidal?

Nika Kovac will be the Club's new couch starting July 1st


Is the Reform of the Security Council in the United Nations Necessary?

The Security Council maintains the obsolete post-war format

Peru: What was the purpose of the Summit of the Americas 2018?

The Summit turned out to be nothing more than the declaration of a set of good intentions, which will hardly contribute to mitigate corruption in the hemisphere

Opinion: You have to be brave to practice journalism in Latin America

The cowardly and vile assassination of the reporter team of El Comercio newspaper in Ecuador showed that Latin America is a hostile and dangerous continent to practice journalism.

Is Donald Trump actually crazy?

The president does not need a psychiatrist. No one should doubt his mental health, because he is aware of what he does

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton

Leave Immigration Alone Instead of Making It Worse

The status quo isn't ideal, but it's better than the House Republican plan.

Why Hospitals Aren't in the Drug Business

Why Hospitals Aren't in the Drug Business

They want to address shortages and high prices. But existing manufacturers are likely to do so faster and more cheaply.

Saudi Arabia: What is the importance of social reforms for women?

Since the heir to the throne, Mohamed Bin Salman, began his plan of reforms, several have had repercussions for Saudi women

Latam's #MeToo Moment

Latam's #MeToo Moment

The fight against sexual misconduct is gathering force in the land of machismo.

Carles Puigdemont won. Photographer: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Catalonia Back to Square One

After an election that settles nothing, both sides need to think again.

Besieged on all sides. Photographer: Guillermo Gutierrez/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President's Narrow Survival Is Good News for Peru

Weaponizing corruption is a dangerous political strategy.

U.S. Can't Walk Away From the  Migration Crisis

U.S. Can't Walk Away From the Migration Crisis

Boycotting UN talks won't keep instability at bay.