Trump’s mexican shakedown

President Trump’s insistence that he will force Mexico to pay is the definition of extortion: obtaining un-owed money through coercion.

Trump will bring jobs back from Mexico — to be replaced by robots

Trump claims that the United States has a huge unemployment problem. In fact, the opposite is true: overall U.S. unemployment has gone down from 10 percent in 2009 to 4.8 percent today

Is there a credible Islamist threat in Latin America?

Some observers and policymakers suggest there is, but a cold look at the facts suggests fears may be overblown.

Trump's Wall: A Wasteful, Foolish Boondoggle

Not only would the wall be needlessly expensive -- Trump says it will cost $8 billion, engineers have said at least twice as much -- but there are far better ways to prevent the flow of undocumented immigrants and drugs from Mexico.

As Migrants strain border towns, pressure builds on Mexico to act

As more migrants are blocked at the American border and more undocumented immigrants are deported from the United States, border communities in Mexico could be overwhelmed

How Santos’ New peace deal aggravated Colombia’s drug war

Colombia’s renegotiated peace deal shows that the “war on drugs” will be hard to dismantle.

Corruption culture made in Latin America

Corruption blocks the ability of governments to provide basic services to citizens, undermines people's trust in democracy and is often tied to cross-border crime, including drug trafficking, organized crime and money laundering. Is our culture the birth place for this outrageous phenomenon?

Trump’s failure to appoint Hispanic Cabinet members is no minor issue

Because of his ignorance about the day-to-day intricacies of governing, he will be more reliant on his Cabinet than any of his predecessors. And yet, Trump has assembled the whitest, oldest and wealthiest cabinet in recent memory.

Why has Venezuela's opposition struggled to spark change?

At the beginning of 2016, there seemed such promise for opposition politicians in Venezuela, but little was achieved. Can 2017 be different?

In Latin America, Mexico the only real 'loser' under Trump

Today Donald Trump goes from PEOTUS to POTUS.  Latin America is not impressed. They'll get over it.

What does it mean to be “Latino”?

Does a Latin American identity really exist? The word Latino has unified a group of people under its meaning, what is that meaning?  

Trump barking at the wrong tree

Automation revolution is taking the jobs, not evil foreigners. The first self-driving cars are now on the road in the United States. That's another four million jobs down the drain

Is the U.S. opening to Cuba dead in the water?

Obama’s historic normalization with Havana is under threat from Trump’s hardline cabal of Castro-haters

Can Colombia meet its huge 2017 coca eradication goal?

Colombia has outlined plans to mitigate surging coca cultivations — one of the biggest threats to lasting peace in the country — as the FARC guerrillas’ demobilization process moves slowly forward.

‘Demagogue populism’ threatens human rights

The rise of populist leaders in the United States and Europe poses a dangerous threat to basic rights protections while encouraging abuse by autocrats around the world

Can Donald Trump and Raúl Castro make a good deal?

Cuba operates as if it had two parties, President Raúl Castro joked in his main report to the Seventh Congress of the Cuban Communist Party last April: “Fidel leads one and I, the other.”

Will the 2017 Glass Be Half Full in the Americas?

2017 entered world stage under the sad and horrific shadow of the Aleppo genocide.  In the Americas, however, 2017 seems to have brought a ray of hope in terms of democratic developments.

What the muck of walden pond tells us about our planet

At Walden Pond, the ecological changes revealed in the sediments of the last century were more extreme than anything in the previous 1,400 years, and some were unique in the history of the pond.

Who’s really placing limits on free speech?

At least three times in the past six months, state legislators have threatened to cut the budget of the University of Wisconsin at Madison for teaching about homosexuality, gender and race.

The End of the World? In Brazil, It’s Already Here

A constitutional amendment passed by the Senate last month is being called “the end of the world” amendment by its opponents. Why? Because the consequences of the amendment look disastrous — and long lasting.