Venezuela: Could there be a military intervention?

If there is an intervention in Venezuela, would we face a scenario of International Law rules void that allows us to disguise a military intervention?

Did the FIFA do right in leaving Peru without the U17 World Cup?

The youth championship will be organized by Brazil, which will also host the Copa América this year, but what are the reasons for this decision?

World Cup 2030 surprises: Chile wants to be another co-host

It began with Uruguay and Argentina, then Paraguay, now Chile, and even Bolivia has been an option. Is the Conmebol initiative for the World Cup strengthened?

Did the Drug War in Mexico really end?

Marking the end of 12 years of conflict for drug trafficking, President AMLO declared "there is no war, officially there is no war, we want peace"

Colombia and war: a never ending relationship

The 'strong hand', filled with war, is a social attraction liked by the Colombian population, something that increased again by ending the negotiations with the ELN

VAR: Did it arrive to Spain to do justice or to make things worse?

It is time to judge the results of how the VAR is applied in the League, as during this season there have been several controversies. The most shocking case: Atlético de Madrid vs Real Madrid

Why should you watch Vice in times of peace?

Vice is a portrait of a polarized American society that should change if it wants times of peace. Any resemblance to Colombia is not purely coincidental

Rafael Dudamel and his key to recover the competitiveness of Venezuelan football

A sub-championship of the world in the U20 category, a defined style of play, and sustained development of youth support: the project of the former goalkeeper at the head of 'La Vinotinto'

Trump's crossroads: re-election or trade agreement with China?

The speech by President Donald Trump showed that the negotiations seem to have paid off, but he reiterated his protectionist line

Oscar Awards: talking about racism in imagined times

Among the nominees for Best Film, there are three that talk about racism. But why don't anyone happen here and now?

Venezuela: the amnesty law does not work

The proposal to attract the Military Forces to the right side of politics does not work because it does not offer anything new

Italy, Germany, and France: when there is no competition in football

Juventus, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain have no rivals in their domestic championships, and the differences with the rest seem to be increasingly abysmal

The good, the bad and the ugly: Tour of Táchira 2019

The most important cycling event in Venezuela was held in 2019, despite the situation in the country. LatinAmerican Post has the exclusive

Venezuela: A smokescreen in Latin America

In several countries of the continent, severe events are currently taking place, but for the OAS and other international organizations it seems that the only thing that matters is the Venezuelan crisis

Why are men bothered with Gillette’s commercial?

Last week a new Gillette commercial that denounces toxic masculinity ignited social media users

Colombia: has the terrorism returned?

Terrorism, fanaticism and a weakened peace process are the aftermaths of the attack against the Santander General School

Los Angeles Lakers, the most risky adventure in the career of LeBron James?

For the first time since he became the most desirable player in the NBA, 'The King' is on a team that is not a candidate for the title


Venezuela doesn't have the necessary political force

What is the use of the country to have an opposition leader who does not have military support?

Black Mirror Bandersnatch or the endless labyrinth

After many months of rumors and waiting, Netflix premiered the Black Mirror movie at the end of the year. Here we present a criticism

Massive assassination of leaders: How many deaths will there be?

The worrying figures of the murders of social leaders and the uncertainties of the Colombian government leave a worrisome scenario for the defenders

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