Big investments do not guarantee titles in sports, patience is more important

Recently Manchester City and PSG were eliminated again in the Champions League without even reaching the final. What else is needed to win?

Colombia: What about JEP?

The objections of the JEP had to be voted on Monday, April 29 in the Senate, but personal and partisan interests were found to prevent it.

Venezuela after Chavez: some contradictions

In the midst of the achievements of the revolutionary process, the extreme conditions and the rapid regression of what had been achieved stand out

When men speak on behalf of women

After all the controversy of the presidential debate in Spain, men are not entirely able to talk about women's issues

LeBron James and his refusal to attend the World Cup in China with the United States

The stellar forward prefers to dedicate himself to the recording of the movie Space Jam and have a long vacation after the early elimination of the LA Lakers

Venezuela and its second independence

After more than 200 years a new independence seeks protagonism

Rafael Dudamel and Givova: what do they tell us about Venezuela's situation?

The Federation that governs the destiny of Venezuelan soccer renewed the manager and the brand that makes the uniforms for 'La Vinotinto' after two controversial facts

Venezuela: a talent exporting country

Freedom is an abused word that creates great confusion among the inhabitants of a society. Living in freedom means a balance between individual interests and those of others

Stop treating waste pickers as homeless

Waste pickers are viewed with contempt for the work they do. Most do not realize that it is they who are saving the planet

UEFA and its good attempt to make their qualifiers less boring

The road towards the Euro2020 has begun and, although the difference between some teams is still very large, there are indications that there may be more parity

Why has the level of German soccer dropped in the last two years?

Neither in the national team, where it always stood out, nor with Bayern Munich, a laureate club in Europe, Germans have been able to recover from a negative dynamic

Venezuela is running out of time

After a turbulent 2019 for Venezuela, it seems that time is running out and nothing is changing

The world arms market: prosperous but contradictory

The largest exporters and buyers of weapons in the world are countries that are in political and social conflicts, which raises questions about the market

Stop justifying violence against women

 Cases like what happened in Italy are one more reason to stop justifying male violence against women

Latin America must court the United Kingdom after its divorce

Given the imminence of Brexit, it is time for Latin America to meet the new business needs of the United Kingdom

Zidane's return has more uncertainty than we believe

The former French player's arrival to the merengue team to start a new cycle is at first glance positive, or is it not?

No possible trophy: can Real Madrid save the season?

In a precise pun, the 'merengue' cast will go blank in 2018-19. Not qualifying for the next edition of the Champions League would be a hecatomb

Venezuela: Could there be a military intervention?

If there is an intervention in Venezuela, would we face a scenario of International Law rules void that allows us to disguise a military intervention?

Did the FIFA do right in leaving Peru without the U17 World Cup?

The youth championship will be organized by Brazil, which will also host the Copa América this year, but what are the reasons for this decision?

World Cup 2030 surprises: Chile wants to be another co-host

It began with Uruguay and Argentina, then Paraguay, now Chile, and even Bolivia has been an option. Is the Conmebol initiative for the World Cup strengthened?