Woman using smartphone beside bookshelf.

Marketers must reflect on social media as a cause of social exclusion

Social exclusion theory argues that individuals are susceptible to experiencing anxiety at the thought of being excluded from important social groups


The “opioid crisis” in Latin America is one of undertreatment and suffering

The situation in Latin America regarding access to and availability of opioids is still limited and is below 100 statistically defined daily doses

Puerto Rican rapper Rene Juan Perez and Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio,  warm up the crowd in front of the Puerto Rican Capitol, before a protest march against governor Ricardo Rosello, in San Juan, Puerto Rico,

Puerto Rico Absurd Political Hurricane

Two years ago it was a hurricane - today it is a political storm that shakes the island with a population of about 3.2 million

Manos con distintos tonos de piel

Mestizaje is a major source of racial attitudes in Latin America

Despite clues from ethnographic research, we lack nationally representative evidence on the general population’s feelings about mestizaje

President Mauricio Macri

Argentina appears to be choosing corrupt populism over tough needed changes

Macri depends on voters realizing they are not better off than when they first elected him, but that they are far better off than when Fernández de Kirchner was president

Hombre mayor sentado en una silla de madera

Health is not a valid argument against raising the retirement age in Latin America

The nations that are experiencing the effects of demographic aging and its consequences turn to raise the retirement age attempting to maintain economic health

A worker cleans up outside the Legislative Council, a day after protesters broke into the building in Hong Kong.

Latin America must listen to the people of Hong Kong’s message regarding extradition

If most of the Constitutions of Latin American countries formerly explicitly prohibited the extradition of nationals and changes were made based on a historical circumstance relating to drug trafficking, it may be time to contemplate returning to our judicial roots regarding this matter

Bandera de Estados Unidos y mapa de Latinoamérica

What is Latin America waiting for to stop looking north?

In the face of new threats of mass deportation and the re-election campaign of the president who issues them, the region has more reasons to question its relationship with the United States

Hoja con las banderas de Venezuela y Colombia, seguido por una persona sosteniendo la mano de un bebé, y la bandera de Venezuela sobre estos.

Venezuelan babies suffer the devastating consequences of the crisis

Children born outside Venezuelan territory face serious problems when it comes to nationalizing and entering the health system

Camino a la tecnología 5G

Latin America must enter the race for 5G technology

Not only is it a matter of houses being smart, but the 5G network would increase the region's competitiveness to improve living conditions

No more politicized media!

For media not to censor, it is necessary to detach from any relationship with public leadership

Forests: a natural and economic resource that must be protected

In Latin America deforestation does not stop, and countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru have lost their primary reserves in a worrying percentage

Colombia: State institutions must ensure their credibility

Recent decisions by some Colombian institutions have generated a confrontation that threatens their own stability

Artificial intelligence in new business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in the business world with different purposes, which generates competitiveness among companies

Intervention in Venezuela? It started a long time ago

The intervention by Russia, China and the United States may not be military yet, but it has been operating for months and leaving victims

Why did Guaidó lose his window of opportunity?

Although the leader of the Venezuelan opposition continues to arouse enthusiasm and hope for many, the strength of the principle of its movement has been diminished

Assange: he must be protected, whether he is a hero or a villain

The fate of the founder of WikiLeaks has sparked divided opinions, but for all its protection should be a priority

Social inequality in Latin America: a condition that affects health

Latin American Post sets its position on a more common and deeper problem than is initially believed

The digital transformation has begun

The secret for the different Latin American companies to succeed in their business is in the digital transformation

Where are the international organizations in the crisis in Venezuela?

Despite the humanitarian work of international organizations, the progress that has been made in restoring democracy in Venezuela has not been much