What does Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp's outage leave us?

This is the balance we make and the conclusions we reached after Facebook-owned applications' outage on Wednesday, March 13

Glyphosate: a social debate beyond politics

The use of glyphosate to eradicate illicit crops is harmful to health and generates a social and economic problem more expensive than other long-term methods

Orange Economy: the preservation of cultural industries in Colombia

The orange economy not only bets on increasing Colombia's GDP, but also preserves culture by becoming an attractive sector for investors

Venezuela: democratic pressure before military intervention

Nicolás Maduro crossed a thin line destroying humanitarian aid. Citizens ask for drastic solutions, but in LatinAmerican Post we agree with the position of the Lima Group

In Venezuela, humanitarian donations are essential

Donations in Venezuela are necessary to help fight the humanitarian crisis in that country

The pretty penny or the Oscar crisis

The Oscar awards are in crisis, there is no doubt. Is it because they are trying to make everyone happy?

Why every company must be sustainable?

Companies must not only be sustainable in environmental issues, but must also give back to the community and its employees

What a good entrepreneur should have

The initiative to create a company has gained strength in Latin America, so here we present what a good entrepreneur should do

The crisis of commodities: a blessing in disguise

Growth in Latin America is threatened by low prices of commodities, but this can be a great opportunity

Not a step back, we want peace

Given the events that have occurred, the Colombian people must be more united than ever

Business success: workers are the key

If you have decided to focus on achieving business success, you could succeed this year by betting on your workers

'La Tintorería': example of the Colombo-Venezuelan union

'La Tintorería' is more than a cafeteria, it is a commitment to the union between two neighboring countries that need to learn how to live together


The Christmas bonus is to spend it

While many media criticize those who spend their Christmas bonus, this extra money does not have to be saved if it is well spent

The next tech genius could be among us

The use of technology comes so that people can take advantage of it

Latin America could be a leader in renewable energies

The region has great potential to become a leader in renewable energy production. Costa Rica is the best example of energy efficiency

Beware! We are not taking care of our hearts

We invite women to learn about the warning signs of a heart attack that need to be considered to seek help from a specialist

Colombia: Is the orange economy the solution?

We've heard a lot about it during the course of this year of campaigning and presidential ownership, but what is it? What good does it bring? Will it be enough?

Prevention is the solution to the health crisis in Latin America

What if instead of seeking to cure the disease, we seek to prevent it?

Macri did not help overcome the crisis in Argentina, he deepened it

In the two and a half years of government, Argentina's public finances have not improved, on the contrary, the current government has worsened them

What does it mean for Colombia to have recognized Palestine as a State?

Colombia could lead, with all of Latin America, peace between Israel and Palestine