Woman with laptop

Claudia Gómez: Her Path as Cybersecurity Advisor

Security is one of the aspects of the human being that worries us the most, in all its dimensions. A few decades ago, the physical dimension was the closest

mikaila ulmer

Mikaila Ulmer: Transforming Fear Into Success

This girl, who is 18 years old today, started her business at the age of four and a half

Ceci Flores

Ceci Flores and Her Tireless Search

According to official reports, between 2011 and 2021 the number of disappeared went from 5,000 to 95,000.

Woman traveling alone

Finding the Motivation To Travel by Yourself

Movies, books, and t.v shows always show traveling alone as a life-changing experience. Still, it is terrifying to do so. Here’s some advice from someone who almost did not do it.

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The Power of Intuitive Decision Making

The right decisions are not made but created. Our lives are all about the choices that we make.

Business woman

Social Pressure on the Right To Assume or Not Motherhood

Within the script that they socially wrote for women, there is an aspect that many people think without the slightest discretion and that is about motherhood and its advantages.

Common and Costly Mistakes Made by Home Buyers

Buying a home can be probably a daunting task, especially if you are going to buy your first home.It is very exciting but full of complexities!

Andrea Lorena Rubiano Carrillo

The Value of Learning to Spend Time Alone

So much emphasis is placed on the importance of meeting new people and socializing in all of our lives, that quality time spent alone is left behind.

Person lying on a sofa using a computer.

5 tips to start working from home

The work situation is changing due to the coronavirus. Here we give you some tips so you can learn how to work from home effectively.

Woman lying down green Volkswagen near sea.

Spending on experiences versus possessions advances more immediate happiness

Some purchases seem to be better than others at generating happiness. 

Man holding several 20 dollar bills.

Pay inequality: the gender pay gap in an anonymous online labor market

The U.S. is witnessing a dramatic rise in nontraditional 'gig economy' labor markets where workers are hired for single projects often on a short-term basis. 

Man leaning on wooden table.

Faking emotions at work does more harm than good

The study surveyed working adults in a wide variety of industries including education, manufacturing, engineering, and financial services.

Man using the computer for an online auction.

How retailers can make more money in online auctions

The study focuses on online auction platforms used by retailers to sell their unsold or returned inventory to discount stores and wholesale liquidators.

Person carrying a newborn baby.

Is it affordable to have a baby?

One of the most expensive parts of having a baby may involve the birth itself.

Woman Woman carrying shopping bags

Luxury consumption can fuel 'impostor syndrome' among some buyers

While luxury consumption holds the promise of elevated status, it can backfire and make consumers feel inauthentic, which produces the syndrome.

Woman saving money in a piggy bank.

7 tips to save your money in 2020

Make this one of your New Year resolutions. It is simpler than you may think. 

Man handing over a credit card to a woman.

'Financial infidelity': What defines it, who is at risk, and what are the consequences?

Financial infidelity has the potential to be as harmful to relationship health and longevity as sexual infidelity.

Two women taking a selfie.

How are income inequality and women's sexualization linked?

Study showed that women assigned to economically unequal societies seem to be more anxious about their social status.


Parked black harley davidson motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle: what to know when buying

Willing to buy a used vehicle, you must carefully check it first to protect yourself from unpleasant situations of all kinds

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#MeTooPay is looking for gender pay equality

November 14 marked Equal Pay Day: the day of the year when women start to work for free. The day is dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap.