Let's save the environment! The million dollar quantity that we must invest

To avoid catastrophic effects, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 45% in the next 22 years, reducing the use of coal and natural gas

Economy 101 with Waffles and Coca-Cola: 6 curious economic indicators

To measure the economic possibilities of a region, experts have used indicators such as GDP or the number of hamburgers that can be purchased with USD $ 50


Colombia: The largest contributor to the world music market

According to several reports, only in the capital of the coffee country have been registered 1,765 companies in the music sector that have generated sales of at least USD $ 276 million

The fourth industrial revolution: Will robots steal our jobs?

According to the World Economic Forum, "machines will do more tasks that humans by 2025"

UN Women: Informality in Latin America also discriminates by gender

60% of women in the region work informally, the UN maintains that this is a gender problem

Celibacy and greediness: This is why catholic priests have no children

Among some other reasons, maintaining the wealth of the church is one of the fundamental reasons for prohibiting priests from having children

Nicaragua Canal: What happened with Ortega's project?

Since 2013, the Nicaraguan canal has been the subject of strong criticism and little by little it has been losing credibility. Nowadays, the sole existence of the project remains in doubt

Find out what the punishment gap is

Women face greater penalties for the same mistakes than men do, even though they are twice as likely to be wrong

Cryptocurrencies are also a means for money-laundering

In a report, the Federal Reserve of the United States suggests on the possibility of money laundering with the use of cryptocurrencies

Women's football financing is still in diapers

After the controversy in FC Barcelona, ​​we wonder how the situation of professional soccer players in other countries is

Informal working in Latin America: is it a real alternative?

In some Latin American countries, informal labor represents 60% of the market

Geothermal, the hidden treasure that will give energy to Mexico

The country is sixth in the world ranking of geothermal energy capacity. In addition, to receive a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Informal loan business hide money laundering and drug trafficking

This type of loan has been extended in several Latin American countries. What is behind it and how does it affect people's economy and on a large scale?

Teleworking changes the labor market in Colombia

According to the Ministry of Labor and Technology, teleworking has grown in Colombia 4 times from 2012 to 2018

The market of renewable energies becomes a possibility for Latin America

During the last five years, reforms in Latin America on renewable energies have made the territory a reference worldwide

China keeps the economic faith in Argentina

A project for space exploration and a loan of 331.5 million dollars, show that China trusts one of the most fragile economies in the region

5 soccer players of the Spanish league who were accused of tax evasion

There are more and more prominent figures in world soccer who have been accused and convicted for tax evasion. Find out here who we are talking about

Would you receive part of your salary in cryptocurrencies? It is possible in Costa Rica

Thanks to the Costa Rican law, there is the possibility of paying part of salaries in kind, which is why cryptocurrencies are an option

Hair on the black market: where does it come from and how much is it worth?

With elaborate thefts and a network of illegal traffic, hair moves fortunes in the global black market and gains prominence in Latin America

How much does it cost to the economy not sleeping well?

It is known that insufficient sleep is a problem that affects health and productivity, but new studies suggest that it is also an economic problem

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