Not only the market: laws also prevent women from working

In many countries, women are disadvantaged by law, which forbids them to perform certain jobs

Fortnite, a millionaire profession

The professionals in this game have made it possible to make a living playing for mass audiences. How much can be earned?

Memes: an innovative business

The rise of humor on the internet has made it possible to profit from creating memes, by turning your followers into sources of income

7 of the most powerful women on the world's economy

With the changes that have been taking place in the international industry, several women have been taking more and more control of large companies, including Latin American ones

Criminal economy: Mexican cartels VS. Italian mafias

The most famous Italian mafia in the world still generates unimaginable riches, but Mexican criminal organizations have reached comparable levels

GoodDollar: cryptocurrencies would end inequality

The eToro platform raises a possible solution to the problems of the gap in the distribution of world wealth through the principles of UBI

Chile leads in human development, but gender inequality persists

Even in the economy that is the best in terms of human development, according to the United Nations, the challenges of gender equality persist

Are you ready to work with Millennials? This is how they behave

Those born in the 80s and 90s will represent 35% of the global workforce by 2020; employers will have to adjust to the way they work

Why do women entrepreneurs want to be politicians?

The situation of women in the business world has forced them to seek other methods to meet their goals and politics is an option to claim

Argentina: the crisis can make books scarce

The publishing industry falters facing Argentina's economic crisis. A 45% drop since 2014 has affected the market, the government is disinterested

These are the 5 strangest bills of the world

From astronomical hyperinflation to football players immortalized in money, the world hides some very strange banknotes

Do you know which is the country with most rich people?

According to a recently published report, this country is home to a greater number of millionaire adults in Latin America

Is the end of cash coming?

Today, countries such as Sweden and China are almost no longer using cash, but are making electronic transactions to pay

Let's save the environment! The million dollar quantity that we must invest

To avoid catastrophic effects, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 45% in the next 22 years, reducing the use of coal and natural gas

Economy 101 with Waffles and Coca-Cola: 6 curious economic indicators

To measure the economic possibilities of a region, experts have used indicators such as GDP or the number of hamburgers that can be purchased with USD $ 50


Colombia: The largest contributor to the world music market

According to several reports, only in the capital of the coffee country have been registered 1,765 companies in the music sector that have generated sales of at least USD $ 276 million

The fourth industrial revolution: Will robots steal our jobs?

According to the World Economic Forum, "machines will do more tasks that humans by 2025"

UN Women: Informality in Latin America also discriminates by gender

60% of women in the region work informally, the UN maintains that this is a gender problem

Celibacy and greediness: This is why catholic priests have no children

Among some other reasons, maintaining the wealth of the church is one of the fundamental reasons for prohibiting priests from having children

Nicaragua Canal: What happened with Ortega's project?

Since 2013, the Nicaraguan canal has been the subject of strong criticism and little by little it has been losing credibility. Nowadays, the sole existence of the project remains in doubt

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