The richest women according to Forbes: a controversial list

Forbes magazine launched last week its list America's Richest Self Made Women for 2019, with interesting results and abundant criticism

The strange lawsuit that several Latin American countries would lose against Amazon

Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia began a legal battle in 2012 against the e-commerce giant, but now they are being defeated

Sports betting: a problem for English football

Through a proposal of GVC Holdings, sports betting companies have set themselves quite strict limits for the new season

Manifestations in Haiti: terrible repercussions on the economy

After the demonstrations in Haiti in February, the cost of living has become untenable

The 2020 census in the United States has as many doubts as questions

The controversy that has surrounded the census that has been proposed for 2020 has divided from the Supreme Court to the US industrial sector

How bad is harassment and discrimination faced by female economists?

A survey conducted by the American Economic Association reveals worrisome figures regarding discrimination and harassment in this field

The gray market: a frequently ignored business opportunity

Older adults are a business opportunity that is often not taken advantage of, despite their great acquisition capabilities


Meet the hacker who touched the untouchables of football

Nicknamed in the investigative world as 'John', the 30-year-old Portuguese was the 'deep throat' of Football Leaks

Two venues for Copa América: the solution to an economic problem

Colombia will join Argentina to host the America 2020 Cup, a proposal that would alter much of the dynamics of the tournament

What is the difference between Federer and Nadal when it comes to making money?

Sitting in the Olympus of tennis, the Swiss Roger Federer and the Spanish Rafael Nadal are the most successful and wealthy athletes of the 'white sport'

Generosity or propaganda? The donations made by Donald Trump

Recently, Donald Trump was criticized for posting a Twitter image of a check for $ 100,000 that he donated to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Find out how much soccer players pay for their carelessness

Celebrations, blows, bites, careless words and insults to the referees are some of the reasons that have generated unusual sanctions in soccer

Voiture Noir: is the most expensive car in the world a good investment?

It is expected that the luxury car, developed at the Geneva Motor Show and sold for US $18.9 million, will only increase its value in the future

'Freelancer economy': an alternative for the Brexit effects?

The United Kingdom, like the United States, has a considerable workforce in the area of self-employed or 'freelance'

Venezuela and the brain drain: the other perspective of the crisis

With the intensification of the crisis in Venezuela, the economic and political conditions force young people to leave their country to obtain a better future

Crisis in Nicaragua: the country would face its worst economic crisis in 30 years

It is expected a contraction of the Central American country's GDP of between 7.3% and 10.9% during 2019

These are the challenges that Diego Molano would face in Bogotá's city hall

Molano is in a struggle to represent the Democratic Center party for the mayoralty of the Colombian capital

Finland: these are the results of the universal basic income experiment

The Nordic country took on the task of proving the effectiveness of universal basic salary; its experiment is crucial for the future application of the concept

What are the industries dominated by women?

Currently, there are professions in which women are the majority, and little by little their participation in the different industries has increased


Soccer: Why does a striker cost more than a defender?

We show you the most expensive transfers in the football world in positions. The strikers are the most expensive on the market