Referendum result might mean credit rating agencies ‘yellow card’ Colombia

The result of the referendum was definitely not what credit rating agencies wanted for Colombia, without their support, maintaining growth will be harder.

Could gambling add some dynamism to the Brazilian economy?

Casinos were outlawed in 1946, but even then, they represented a considerable source of income for Brazil. Would bringing them back give Brazil a sense of progress?

The Brexit vote: What could LatAm expect?

The odds are favoring the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU, if it were to be confirmed, LatAm should be ready for considerable economic shifts.

Ecopetrol manages to increase revenue despite the low oil prices

Colombia’s largest oil producer posted a 126% increase in net profit for the year’s first trimester, how was that possible in this economic climate?

South American left in retreat as economic crisis deepens

Just in the past month, voters in Argentina elected a conservative businessman president over  Cristina Fernandez, Brazil's congress launched an impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff, but the biggest turnabout, voters in Venezuela, where the region's leftward shift began

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