Do you know what periodontal disease in dogs and cats is?

Does your pet have bad breath? It is probably suffering from periodontitis. In LatinAmerican Post we tell you about this disease so you can prevent it

What care does your new puppy need?

Not only is it important to apply the vaccines, but also to watch out food and other aspects

Everything you need to know about Alzheimer's in dogs

Does your dog not respond when you call him, does not recognize you, becomes disoriented and forgets what he has learned? It is possible that your pet is suffering from Alzheimer's

5 incredible services specialized for pets

With the increase in the number of adoptions, specialized services are multiplied and thus, the owners can have everything within reach

Pet Friendly Hotels: do not leave your pet at home

You will not have problems with your pet when traveling, because now you can find hotels where they are welcome in almost any part of the world

5 strange home pets

When dogs and cats no longer attract attention, you can think of tame these strange animals

Your pet can help you cure diseases!

According to studies, pets can improve the health and life quality of their owners, helping with diseases such as depression or even preventing allergies

What type of identification is best for your pet?

In the market there are several options for the identification of your pet. We recommend some that may be useful

Dogs, cats and homeless people in the same shelter

The mayor's office in Bogotá, Colombia, is a pioneer in the implementation of residential homes where homeless people are welcome with their pets

Why is it better for cats to live indoors?

Although some people choose to let their cats live freely, there are several reasons why having them inside is better

7 benefits of sterilizing your pet

Still doubting whether to sterilize your dog or cat? Here you will find the great benefits that your pet, family and community would enjoy

Do you know how to care for your dog in heat?

If you suspect that your dog is in heat, you should take certain precautions so that both she and you are calm

Cinema for dogs: K9 Cinemas makes it possible with this innovative idea

Thanks to K9 Cinemas, now you can enjoy a movie in the company of your furry friend

Your pet can help saving the planet!

 In England, a company named Yora began to produce food for dogs based on insects and that promises to be the most sustainable in the world  

The musical special for your pet in these holidays

As in 2017, NatGeo will broadcast its musical program for pets "Happy Holidays pets", with the aim of reducing the stress caused by fireworks

Can you talk with your pet? It could be possible!

With technological devices, the barking of a dog can be translated into human language

Do you know how to take care of your pet during the holidays?

Find here some tips to take care of your pets during this time of the year

Do you know how to introduce your baby and your pet? Find out here

Follow these steps so that your pet and your baby know each other in the best possible way

Halloween DIY: 5 costumes for your pet

Go ahead and dress up your pets! We show you some ideas that you can do yourself from home or easily find

Take care of your pet! Climate change can affect them

Advice from a veterinarian to preserve the health of your pet in the face of climate changes

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